Have an unwanted body? We can help!

Ah, yes, you might have seen something like this before but also perhaps not;

  • Do you wish to support a cause that seeks to aid New Eden’s less fortunate?
  • Do you have the body of a capsuleer clone you would like to get rid of?
  • Do you usually see bodies of capsuleers floating around in your local space and wish you could profit off them but they do not seem to be famous?

The Society of Adrift Hope can help!

Helming the project, I Isis Dea, want to buy your bodies. So long as the following criteria can be met:

A) You must bring them into high security space.
B) They must be in a station I can dock at.
C) You can only charge me up to 100,000 ISK per corpse.
D) You must create a contract to me, “Isis Dea” for only I will accept them.

Your biomass proceeds are to go towards a research project to the likely benefit of all nations who value their ancestors. Science is at the helm as is the preservation of life spans between the lowest members making up any society all the way up to protecting the stars they desire to orbit.

If this description seems too vague to be worthy of your biomass, I hope future announcements on the research project (which will be posted separately and for the general public) will better showcase how direct this description is of our aspiring work.

Please consider this cause within your future travels, routine inventory cleaning, or if you are short on ISK and wish to test the limits of your clone provider’s contract.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

-Isis Dea
Society Founder


Well this doesn’t sound sketchy at all.

For the benefit of all readers, the OP has publicly expressed, in the past, that she intends to procure large amounts of human cadavers to offer up to the Drifter forces in some absurd, undefined ‘study’.

The OP is also a woman of particularly questionable character and sanity, flip-flopping loyalties constantly while consistently acting in a bizarre, crude manner. (An impressive distinction, considering the average independent capsule pilot.)

I’d advise everyone to not even consider this request of hers. Not only is it terribly unprofitable, it will also only provide the Drifter hordes with fresh material out of which to proliferate their inhuman legions.


@Isis_Dea, I hope my small contribution to your entrepreneurial initiative has been satisfactory thus far. We’ll be in touch.

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@Remilia_Malitia thank you for your seemingly informed input. While I’m sure the capsuleer community appreciates your public service announcement, I trust that a substantial number have enough mental autonomy as to not require it. As for the risk involving the Drifters? They are indeed a threat to the security of New Eden, and one more than capable of acquiring capsuleer corpses on their own, without the need for an independent entrepreneur such as Ms Dea to supply it to them.

I would simply urge others to consider the potential of this research, before outright dismissing the offer.


The fact that the handful of corpses you and Dea are handing over is insubstantial next to the billions the Drifters murdered themselves does not undo the harm you are doing. Every body “donated” is a new battleship or cruiser manned.

Dea has neither the education nor has she demonstrated the mental fortitude to undertake any such study. In fact, last time I heard of this she intended to go collaborate with ARC, true experts on the topic of Drifters. The fact that following that she is launching her own initiative, all while presenting neither study objectives nor methodology, leads me to believe she was laughed out of the room.


It would seem the integrity of the study is already being questioned.

There is a merit of truth to these accusations as well, granted the reasoning seems to be missing from them.

Allow me to provide further clarity;

The Society of Adrift Hope does plan to offer these bodies to the Drifters in an incremental study designed to assist them.

Bodies with implants were torn free from their structures and gutted to forge the first war clones. Everyone did not seem to care then and so bodies with implants seem to be what they are looking for now.

Furthermore, in the same spirit, they do not seem to remotely care about our kind.

If anything the treatment given the late former Amarrian Empress, Jamyl Sarum, is a telling of what awaits the rest of those who were so cruel to their kind.

They will not help us.
They do not want to help us.
They have no reason to help us.
We have given them every reason needed to see us slaughtered just as we slaughtered their kind when the first wormholes were opened.

Now Sansha makes incursions wherever they desire to with their ability to weave wormholes uncontested and the Triglavians abduct whole systems to bleed their stars and convert their populaces. Furthermore EDENCOM’s ability to retaliate to either in any great measure seems lacking.

In case this seems like a distraction from my former commander’s points;

Some of us just couldn’t look away from that.

I was a Kybernaut.

Before that I was many things each a small gesture of love for some corner or aspect of New Eden. I thought the gesture of servitude would be enough to warrant mercy towards New Eden but it is clear the Triglavians and Sansha will have none.

And the Drifters have no reason for mercy.

Unless… someone gives them one.

The Society of Adrift Hope will be attempting to do just that.

I hope this helps,

-Isis Dea
Society Founder

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Internal contradictions notwithstanding, I for one am grateful for such a clear and succinct presentation of your plan; this is not in fact a study, as you earlier indicated– rather an optimistic attempt to bribe the drifters with no clear idea what you want from them and nothing but a trivial amount of human slurry to offer.

Based on such magical thinking; good luck, it’s likely you’ll require it.


I rest my case.

It’s a cult.


I like to imagine a friendship can start with the simple act of sharing of a good slurry.

It’s not like those bodies are being used for any greater purpose (from what I can tell). Not even my clone provider seems to want my own corpses back. I also hardly trust what things anyone else will do to them.

Any reaction from the Drifters, or lack of one, will be logged and published on the IGS which is where we hope to see this study blossom more into a research-oriented project.

Thank you again for understanding,

-Isis Dea
Society Founder

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How exactly dose your cause aid me? I accept ISK or Triglavian surveys as an alternative to ISK. This would aid me greatly.

Oh I just got to the part where you said it’s your research that aids me… really I think you will reach your goal of aiding new Eden’s less fortunate (me included) a lot quicker if you just send us (me) the ISK you would of spent on your research.

If I find any corpses floating in space I’ll be sure to scoop and parcel them to you.

If you think for one moment I’m going to biomass myself and send you my corpses for a measly 100K a pop your sadly mistaken.

A still alive and kicking Kestrix


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She pays you for the corpses.


Are you suggesting that New Eden’s less fortunate become a little less, less fortunate by collecting corpses or by repeatedly bio massing themselves ? This is an means to an end, and it’s the end I’m interested in,.

Ahhh… not my end I’d just like the stress!.

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Or by collecting your corpse (or mine, if I leave one). I mean, sure, eggers tend to be rich enough to burn billions on a whim, but to most folks, 100,000 ISK is ‘wealthy’ in and of itself.

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Sounds to me like your “reason for mercy” just gives the Drifters more ability to become a real threat.

I don’t expect you’ll gather a significant number of bodies, but all you’re doing (and correct me if I’m wrong) is giving them more biomass to rebuild their puppet soldiers. We don’t need to artificially boost their numbers. All you’d be doing is helping a (mostly) reserved enemy potentially become more bold and dangerous.

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So … while historically I’ve been on the same page on this, Ms. Elkin, I’ve kinda-sorta limitedly encouraged Ms. Dea on this. There are a couple reasons for this.

The main one is that I haven’t really seen the Drifters conserving their biomass all that hard. Dive in the Abyss and they’re one of the most common opponents you’ll face-- and not in high-quality Artemis, Apollo, or Arithmos configurations (or their cruiser counterparts), but as the lacklustre Scylla and Kharybdis. These might just be versions of the K- and J-space craft retrofitted for Abyssal duty; it’s pretty sure Drifter tech and the Abyssal environment don’t play nice together. They do seem to have the same meat-puppet pilots, though.

And the really odd thing? It’s not like they seem to be short on alternatives. The Abyss is absolutely crawling with their allies, the Ephilates and Lucid Sleepers. I seem to run into them way more often than the actual Triglavians.

Maybe the Drifters need their own ships down there as a sort of command-and-control element or something, but in any case they’re not flinching from expending biomass. That implies that they’re probably not too worried about their supply, even if they’re still actively looking for it.

If they’re throwing bodies into the frontlines like that, we probably can’t contain them just by trying not to give it to them. Ms. Dea’s notion almost certainly won’t tip the whole thing over any kind of strategic threshold unless quite a few others do the same, and in the meantime … well.

If an insect walks across my shoulder while I’m planetside I probably won’t even notice. If it bites me, I’m apt to try to smush it.

If it brings me a credit chit I’m apt to look at least twice, whether I need the chit or not.

Getting them to talk to us is a prerequisite to basically anything else we might do with them. That probably means getting past their apparent contempt for us, some way or other. We might be able to do that by hurting them enough that they have no choice but to take us seriously, but it might actually be safer to try freely offering them something they want-- not something they’re taking from us or tricking us into.

I’ve been helping ARC explore the Hives for years now with no noticeable change and no evidence that they’ve started caring. Guess they’re focused on the Collective, and for whatever reason we don’t measure up. It seems like maybe “hurting them” would take more than we can organize right now.

At this point I can’t really object if someone wants to try the other thing.


I still respectfully disagree. I expect that if the Drifters were truly drowning in biomass, they’d be more aggressive than they have been. They were aggressive out of the gate when they first came onto the scene and were punished for it.

Their reservations to be more hostile with the empires may be due to being locked into conflict with the Triglavians. After all, pushing us further when they’re already fighting a war they see as important is a bad idea.

I, for one, am glad to leave the Drifters and Triglavians locked in battle with one another, expending each other’s resources. I’m also perfectly happy if one side wipes out the other.

I agree that Ms. Dea’s collection of corpses is unlikely to tip any scales, but it may have other consequences.

What if it makes the Triglavians decide we’re in league with the Drifters and they turn their attention back to us? As it seems right now, they see the Drifters as their ancient enemy. I expect they expend more resources and energy fighting one another than they put into fighting us. To them, we’re just a resource. I’d rather they focus on wiping one another out so we have more time to figure out how to destroy whoever wins.

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Oh, I agree neither is our friend, Ms. Elkin. But I’m kind of a believer in exploring options and trying stuff out when there’s a great big area of unknowns, instead of just going with my best guess.

(My best guess is that they’ll take the bodies and ignore Ms. Dea and that will be the end of it.)

But, it’s possible that if we could get the Drifters to talk they’d have something interesting to say.


I feel like we don’t even know if they’re capable of talking. For all we know, they could be autonomous.

I don’t mean this in a hostile way and I know it’s not based off of much (though not much in this thread is), but I don’t like the idea of trying to suck up to the Drifters. It just doesn’t sit right with me.


You were never a kybernaut. You were merely a dilettante. And if I had known when you professed your desire to join our ranks that you would repay my hospitality by betraying everything that we hold dear, I would have commissar-ed you the instant you stepped on to the landing dock.

This plan of yours is the height of depravity. But knowing you, it won’t be until a black-eyed abomination wearing your own face strikes you dead that you finally figure that out.

■■■■, maybe not even then.

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They’re definitely capable of talking, or at least something over there is. They masqueraded as, I think it was, Hillen Tukoss that one time, getting us to provide them Jove DNA samples.

People who thought-- or maybe didn’t-- they were helping out Arek’jaalan deposited a bunch of Jove bio samples at “Site One.” Soon after, the Drifters appeared.

They not only communicated, they played us. Or at least provoked people’s curiosity enough that they didn’t care if they were being lied to or not; they wanted to see what would happen.

Kind of a foreshadowing of the kybers in that, maybe, come to think of it.