Request to Caldari Navy: please retrieve the corpses!

This is like a message in a bottle, but hopefully it will reach someone in Caldari Navy.

With the recent mass capsule hijacking by Guristas pirates, I, as a Caldari supporter, decided to do my part for the State. Scope News reported that the Navy is retrieving stolen data and infiltrators corpses, so I flew around hunting down hijacked capsules or buying corpses from capsuleers.

Now Badger I use for temporary corpse storage is stocked with a number of corpses equal to a crew of one battleship. However, either Scope reported incorrect info or order documents were eaten by Fedo, anyway the Navy hasn’t retrieved the corpses.

I regret that I missed opportunity to serve the State, but more than that, I’m not sure what to do with the corpses. It seems irresponsible to leave them to other capsuleers or harsh space environments, and I hesitate to use notorious Organic Mass Granulator. But I also don’t want to scare Jita 4-4 janitors by leaving unidentified corpses in the depths of my hanger.

The only thing left to do is to return them to Guristas with a letter of condolence or to mourn at Molea Cemetery. If someone in Caldari Navy is reading this message, could you please retrieve the corpses? Please let me know to whom I should issue the transfer contract addressed. Also, any ideas or advice from capsuleers in similar situations would be welcome.

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Our hauling vessels have such appealing lines. Would it be possible to store the corpses in a less aesthetic hull? They don’t take up much space.

It has been two weeks since I sent out the message and unfortunately, there has been no response from Caldari Navy. Therefore I decided to return corpses to Guristas. With flowers and message of condolence. (Following good advice I stopped using badger. However, every Caldari ships are beautiful, so I carried corpses by corax which has just right cargo hold)

I don’t support Guristas, but I don’t resent them enough to use these dead for target practice. Hakuzosu betrayed the State but was in a position to lead her men, whether as commander or leader of a spy ring. If Hakuzosu didn’t lose all her virtues, she will not spare the trouble of accepting her agents corpses. I pray that she is.


It has been two weeks since I sent out the message to Hakuzosu. I had been busy recently with an expedition to Anoikis etc, but felt my pocket was suddenly a little lighter. So I checked my assets and noticed Hakuzosu had retrieved her agents corpses (and Fedo).

Apparently, she still has at least some sense of responsibility. I don’t know how Guristas treat corpses, but I trust at least they will not use them as bait to Circadian Seekers or give them as gifts to Blood Raiders. May the Winds blow merciful breeze on the dead.

I appreciate the fact that Ex-Commander Hakuzosu and Guristas Pirates accepted my request. As a Caldari supporter, I’ll continue to fight against Guristas. But this unexpected event was not in vain for me. I wish them good luck in the future - may my shells kill them without causing suffering.


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