CONCORD and Republic Fleet Commander Proprietary Information Available

Many Years ago, I was able to Obtain Corpses from CONCORD Commander Dorgiers and Republic Fleet Commander Silonneri Balginia.

There corpses were scooped and Sealed to protect any information or Intel they may have for harvesting.

A sufficient amount of time has passed and I no longer have a need for these Commanders. The Technology has been carefully copied, noted and left untouched. They are now Open for bidding for any other Capsuleer who wish to have access to the technology these Commanders had at the time of there cloning. Below is Visual Evidence of them being in my possession.

Dorgiers Republic%20Fleet%20FC%20Corpse

Please send any questions regarding the transfer or location Via EVE-Mail. Those who are interested in these items post here.

Thank you,

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