What to do with corpses?

During my salvaging I have scoop a huge amount of corpses, enough to make a museum with it…
So what can I do with my collection?

Corpses go into the Altar of Bob

Praise Bob!


Congratulations. As a new player, you’ve begun to build up your meat locker.

They are your trophies. The symbolic memento of victories throughout your career. Keep them in a container, keep them safe. Walk among the corpse museum you build, reminisce about the past, and ■■■■ the corpses to your heart’s content.


Corpses are good for dropping outside your opponents stations in Null/Wormhole space especially re-cloaking after corpse release.

Apparently you can grind corpses down into combat boosters to fuel the continues war! let me find the CCP dev blog quickly.


According to the math there 1 corpse is worth a few bil, that is one super lucky haul you have there bro!

Start your own soylent green business?

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Bury them or give them to Drifters.

Dont give them to the drifters. You do that, and you will see a drifter titan.

Yea it’ll be the end for humanity if he does that…

Some dress them up and act out battles or use them as chess pieces

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Yea I think all the best in game strategists use them for that, costly but really great for planning purpose’s.

Um… Watch that Special Quafe drink!

Hey stop giving out trade secrets! You will bankrupt a few of us if you let it become common knowledge.

Ever heard of waifu pillows? Now in EVE those are waifu corpses. :wink:

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Soylent Quafe, anyone?

There’s a ship in Eve that has a doomsday weapon and you need to harvest corpses to fire it…

maybe not.

I always salvage corpses - out of respect - then trash them.

Adios, amigo.

I can’t believe this hadn’t been linked yet.

You’re welcome.


Dude you’ve answered your own question!