Can you still pick up dead bodies?

I want too start a corpse collection just in case they add the organic mass granulator

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Yes you can.

Just remember… Those weird Lancers do not react kindly if they scan your hull and find a corpse in it.

I have a ‘freezer’ (cargo container named that) in both Dodixie and Jita full of dead bodies.

Umm … is that one of those things it’s best you don’t tell other people about? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Chloe says that it’s fine.


Wow … :worried:

I suddenly feel considerably more normal.


They will attack you?

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i have a Tippia corpse


Wish they had a date-stamp on them of Time of Death…

That way I could ask, “What vintage?”

I could also spend time in the Morgue sorting all the bodies.

–Gadget corrects that to ‘more time’


So I take it that you don’t lurk at the 4-4 undock racing to collect corpses?

I have some strangely named corpses.


I want to add a Twitch voice emote: "SHIIIEEeeeet!"
Just wait until April 1. BTW, they better should work on polishing Resource Wars better than on this stuff.

I’m curious why for somebody it’s so important to collect somebody’s capsuleer body corpse - a pile of pixels in space. For somebody it’s so important… do you know what I mean?

“I’m not worried about who needs 100 A-bombs. I’m worried about who needs only one!”

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No the Lancers won’t… But the Drifters they summon will!

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Look… Some people have wrong you in some way, shape, or form that you just want their corpse to remind you of the revenge you finally extracted.

In other cases, well… We all just want our own Chloe…

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Aha. I’m curious. What’s most important for you? Revenge or Justice? And why?

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I don’t really know what you mean, no, because it’s not so important at all.

Also at the end of the day, everything in EVE is just a pile of pixels in space :slight_smile:

Sometimes it’s just curiosity. I have corpses of gankers and the ganked. Every corpse has it’s own story.

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Nope, I lurk there to shoot at people. Collecting corpses is just a sideline that benefits greatly from the time I spend lurking there to shoot at people :yum:


In some case, especially the 3 corpses I want most, it could be considered both Revenge and Justice. Or it could just be cathartic psychopathy. After all, it is just a game.

Bit of both in my case, although mostly Justice. If I believe someone needs to die and I make it happen, and I get to collect their corpse and add it to my freezer too, that is the icing on an already delicious cake.

It is. This means nothing here. But I see some exceptions also… anyway…

About real life I have a suggestion.

Revenge just multiplying the anger only, while justice - peace of mind. How to acquire justice in different real situations - it’s a high level mastery of your entire life.

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