CCP please consider increasing number of research jobs in light of industry changes

Everything I make now requires more components, and those components require blueprints. CCP has increased the number of blueprints needed for my operations.

So now when I make a Charon BPC kit for example, I must copy 3 more blueprints for the new components.

YET the max number of copy jobs I can do at one time has NOT increased with the new more demanding industry requirements.

TL:DR- CCP please consider increasing the number of science / copy jobs we can do at once in light of the new industry changes.


Skill more chars, get more accounts or buy plex for $.

This game has dumbed down over the years, in place of emergent gameplay & blue sky thinking we have n+1.

Every recent new activity is just n+1, abysal was the exception but even that folded into n+1.

Your industrial challenges will be overcome with n+1.


You can build characters that specialize in research and copy for next to nothing in a short amount of time in the spare slots of your builder acct.

That’s up to 22 extra slots.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I appreciate the thoughts I will consider it, I’ve never liked the idea of paying for / Plexing other characters. Although in light of the insights mentioned here maybe this is a plan by CCP to encourage (force) players to have more than one account?

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If it was accross the board, Id agree, but (and I can understand if your experience differs) wouldnt this be this case If CCP released a new ship line and a few modules? Wouldnt regularly scheduled jobs need to take a back seat anyway?

Granted, the theory about PLEXing or accounts has credence from the fact its on the classes the most heavy industry players aim at, and it is across the board on those. In order to maintain income or even avoid a loss from the act of purchase and research, more slots would need to be opened ergo more characters but that then has the counter of the expense of that in itself.

Presumably there’s an economic “perfect” state?

IMO if you can’t have several accounts dedicated to industry, you are doing it wrong.

I realize this may be a radical concept but have you thought about working together with other producers or perhaps strike a deal with specialised copiers to buy half products from them.

This IS an MMO, perhaps try this weird thing called interacting. It’s not a single player game you know.

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We have a winner…

Time to add a few new skills.

–Gadget predicts

Just to further expatiate my viewpoint. A raven (lets pick a simple one) used to take just the one BPC of the ship itself, that some elbow grease to get minerals and you were off. I could make copies and sell these BPCs to industrialists for cheap but fair prices. Now in order to make that same raven, it looks like it takes 10 (or so) different blueprints counting reaction formulas and the like. Yet the very tippy top max number of science jobs in the game (copying BPCs is a science task) is still 11.

Yes i know I should join a corp and be social etc. (even though its never worked out in the past and this game is designed to obliterate trust in others). Still it seems like we could use more slots.

This is why when you find people you can trust, who you also enjoy being around - you stick with them.

Yeah, a lot of players in eve don’t want to squat where they isk.

CCP have been overhauling the game so that self sufficiency is more difficult and pushing players to trade and work together more.

So i think you know what’s going to happen.

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A challenge which Im very much enjoying and dont really get why others dont.

But each to their own I suppose.


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