Renting out manufacturing rights for 200+ Tech 2 BPOs

This may be the wrong forum for this and I will move it if this is the case.

I have played EVE since May 2003 and accumulated over 200 Tech II BPOs. I don’t have time to play these days as my grand daughter keeps me busy :slight_smile: However, I have continued to train my main character and may one day return to the game.

In the meantime I am looking for an alliance who would like to rent the manufacturing rights to my T2 BPO collection. If you wish to discuss this opportunity with me then please contact me in game and I will provide a full list of the BPOs - which includes

  • 64 x T2 Ammo BPOs (A full set of the original T2 Ammo BPOs released into the game).
  • 7 x Ship BPOs
  • Many modules

So if this may interest you hit me up in game.

Best wishes

Im interested. What percentage are you asking?

My intention would be to have a fixed monthly rental charge - not based on percentages.

The alliance could build as much or as little as they wish. Rolling monthly contract. Details of exactly how it would operate will be discussed with appropriate alliance representatives in game.

Well if its only restricted to alliances then I’m out.

Why, when you can make more copies and invent in the same time span you build right from the bpo

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Say goodbye to all your t-2 BPO’s as they will just rip you off.

if you want to say something like “conditions”
than you need to write them here.

sorry our mind readers are on vacation.

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I was going to say, how does one rent bpos like this without being robbed.

This, T2 bpos are just not worth for alliance level. Like, at all.

While in most cases this is true, for some things it could worth it - but that would be mostly for HACs, T2 BC, large guns, rigs…

Defo not for ammo. Can’t mass manufacture with few blueprints and people eat through ammo FAST…

It’s the same. If you want 200 munin you don’t want them in 2 months.
That’s why T2 BPO are overestimated. They are just a fancy toy, but nothing serious.

You just make copies of them… but it is true that you would need multiple T2 bpos to make sense of this kind of operation.

You practically cannot copy them - the copy times are absurdly slow. (At least they used to be.)

With t2 copy time rig in null sec azbel/sotiyo it shouldn’t be anywhere close to absurd.
In fact copy time for ships, from what I remember, is (roughly) the same as manufacture time - but those rigs and citadel bonus cut them short.

If copying and manufacturing take the same amount of time then what would be the benefit of making a copy?

Selling copies… moving them… doing inventions…
maybe you didn’t notice but it takes loads of time to fully research bpo, especially once you move past cruisers - bpo for BS is at 3-4B - and also to have bpcs for the time when you need to mass manufacture. After all it is easier and cheaper to stockpile hundreds of bpcs than to do the same with bpos.

Oh, are we to the insults part now?

I got several 10/20 for 1-3B.

It literally takes DOUBLE the time to make a copy first.

Your answer to “you want to go faster” is “then go slower”

bonus for manufacturing time is the same as bonus for copying time.

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I would be interested in this, I will message in game and get to something in the near future. thank you.

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