Renting out manufacturing rights for 200+ Tech 2 BPOs

This may be the wrong forum for this and I will move it if this is the case.

I have played EVE since May 2003 and accumulated over 200 Tech II BPOs. I don’t have time to play these days as my grand daughter keeps me busy :slight_smile: However, I have continued to train my main character and may one day return to the game.

In the meantime I am looking for an alliance who would like to rent the manufacturing rights to my T2 BPO collection. If you wish to discuss this opportunity with me then please contact me in game and I will provide a full list of the BPOs - which includes

  • 64 x T2 Ammo BPOs (A full set of the original T2 Ammo BPOs released into the game).
  • 7 x Ship BPOs
  • Many modules

So if this may interest you hit me up in game.

Best wishes

Im interested. What percentage are you asking?

My intention would be to have a fixed monthly rental charge - not based on percentages.

The alliance could build as much or as little as they wish. Rolling monthly contract. Details of exactly how it would operate will be discussed with appropriate alliance representatives in game.

Well if its only restricted to alliances then I’m out.

Why, when you can make more copies and invent in the same time span you build right from the bpo

Say goodbye to all your t-2 BPO’s as they will just rip you off.