Renting out manufacturing rights for 200+ Tech 2 BPOs

This may be the wrong forum for this and I will move it if this is the case.

I have played EVE since May 2003 and accumulated over 200 Tech II BPOs. I don’t have time to play these days as my grand daughter keeps me busy :slight_smile: However, I have continued to train my main character and may one day return to the game.

In the meantime I am looking for an alliance who would like to rent the manufacturing rights to my T2 BPO collection. If you wish to discuss this opportunity with me then please contact me in game and I will provide a full list of the BPOs - which includes

  • 64 x T2 Ammo BPOs (A full set of the original T2 Ammo BPOs released into the game).
  • 7 x Ship BPOs
  • Many modules

So if this may interest you hit me up in game.

Best wishes

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I too am a old 03 vet , mostly one day a week player, just coming back into the game. I have an alliance of one corp, I’m thinking of running an alliance of part time corps. Not interested in recruiting pilots to my corp, I’m too cautious to let anyone near the delete button.

So the plan is to start an anti-Imperium alliance of like minded players, who are able to pay the one year subscription of 24 million isk and join with their corp to make content against the Imperium.

Look me up ingame we can talk mischief. My alliance is called Imperium Mordor. The anti-Imperium forces.


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