Looking for Industrial Based Coporation

Hi! I’m looking to join a corporation that focuses on the industrial aspect of Eve Online. I recently saw the ad titled industrialists shape eve and wanted to join a corporation that mimicks the one highlighted in the video. Smaller in terms of members, friendly members, willing to help teach me things I don’t know and working together in the industrial role to achieve a common purpose like supply orders of ships for clients. Whilst I’m not a veteran I’m not super new either. Feel free to send me a message if you would like to discuss me potentially joining your corporation.

Losing proposition, ships right now are too difficult to turn a profit on especially with all that’s transpired, T-2 ammo, drones, pretty good.

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Good to know! It was only an example drones, ammo and other goods would also work.

Shoot me an eve mail this weekend I got some BPC’s both T-1 and T-2 I will give you to start I reside in caldari high sec.

Sounds good thank you!

ngl it’s VERY easy to turn a profit on ships. we make billions daily doing so. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise XD