Public Blueprint Library?

Are there any corporations that provide ‘public’ access to blueprints?

By ‘public’ I mean open to basically anyone who applies to the corp. Think Estel Arador Corp Services, except with blueprints instead of jump clones, and instead of the corp specialty being NPC standings, it’s a comprehensive blueprint library, and you don’t get automatically kicked after a couple weeks.

If there is no such service currently, do you think any industrialists out there, new or old, would benefit from a corporation that they can join with an alt in order to copy blueprints which they can then contract to their mains or manufacturing characters?

Benefits of such a service:

  • Lots of well-researched originals from frigates to capitals under one roof. No more messing around with contracts or travelling to various trade hubs to buy the copies you need.

  • Copies made should be significantly cheaper than those found on contracts.

  • New players/industrialists would be able to make copies of expensive originals that they otherwise may not have access to.

  • ?

But but ‘someone will steal the blueprints’ yes we are well aware of the security concerns and for the last number of years we have shared our collection with many dozens of corp members without incident; we have a corp hangar specifically for blueprints and assign a corp role that allows view but not take access to that blueprint hangar. This allows members with the appropriate role to make copies without being able to remove the original from it’s hangar, while the copy is dropped into a shared hangar for pickup once complete.

Downsides of such a service:

  • Certain high-value blueprints could be permanently queued for copying depending on how many originals we have in our collection, how in-demand the ship is, and how many members in the corp want to copy the blueprint in question.

  • The blueprint collection would be stored in an NPC station for security which means increased copying time compared to using a player-owned structure.

  • System index would be very high with a lot of players in the corp and a large number of research and copying jobs ongoing, resulting in higher copying costs compared to using a player-owned structure (But hopefully still cheaper than buying from contracts.)

  • Potential for copies to be stolen once delivered to the shared hangar. (This may be minimized/discouraged with the use of audit log containers and kicking offenders? Not something we have had problems with up to this point and requires testing.)

  • ?

Requirements to join:

  • Additions to and improvement of the collection would be a top priority. As this tends to get expensive, we would possibly ask for either a monthly ‘membership fee’ or a one-time donation in order to join.

  • ?

I’m sure I overlooked a few things, your thoughts on why the proposed service would or would not work are appreciated!

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If you can access other BPO’s to copy them then that means you can take/steal them. Bottom line that is why it will never happen.
Apart from that, it is not worth building much now since the stupid Indy changes were made over the past 9-12 months. Most things are now more expensive to build than they are to buy. CCP has totally broken the economy with their Indy changes. In a real world economy the sum of the parts would never exceed the price of the whole. If they did then businesses would all go broke.
A prime example of the stupidity CCP has introduced to the game is the Vexor Navy Issue. If you go to Jita and buy a BPC and all the materials and components they will cost you around 200 million isk. WHY would you do that when you can buy the ship for 95 million isk? This stupidity I have found carries on through nearly 75% of all items you can build and sell. Yes if you mine, harvest, react etc you can make things yourself based on time BUT those things you gather with time, their value is lost in what you create. Too many things now are being sold for well under the sum of the parts and that is a failed economy. CCP has failed and needs to reverse all Indy changes they have made in the past 12 months including ore mining in HS and removing these ridiculous new components added to BPC’s and BPO’s. EVE’s economy was a highly lauded economy which had been studied by some of the worlds leading Universities and professors and had been proclaimed the most perfect economy out side of the real world. CCP has ruined that over the past year, big time. Until they fix it, it is not worth making ANYTHING especially if you are located in HS as you can buy things for way less than they cost to make.

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TLDR : don’t trust that guy. He’s saltier than the dead sea.

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Not true. With proper hangar setup and corp roles/titles, it is possible to provide access to copy prints without the player being able to steal them, all without needing to lock the blueprints down.

Agree that a lot of the industry changes are stupid, yet players are still building, and not every item is being produced at a loss. As long as players are building, they will need access to affordable materials, including blueprint copies. The proposed service would allow for cheap copies to be made and then shipped wherever desired by the builder, be it highsec, lowsec or nullsec.

OK on the copying roles. I haven’t had need to make it that way as I do my own and don’t have to negotiate corp copying roles so happy to take the hit on that aspect.
But on the indy front open a blueprint to make and check the total Jita price of the materials versus the value of the finished item that will be the output. I have been working through over 600 bpo’s I have at 10/20 and many BPC’s on faction/navy ships and for many items, particularly ships, it is more profitable to just sell the materials I have mined/made than make the product.

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Do you manufacture in Highsec? Excluding 1DQ goon market where prices are often lower than Jita, many lowsec and nullsec markets are 10-20% higher than Jita and stuff is being produced and sold at a decent profit, if not at cost.

Ships have always seen small margins, because everyone produces ships.

Yes Luther I do manufacture in HS now but I did manufacture in null for many years. I have been playing for over 15 years and it was always you could manufacture in HS and still make a profit of 5-10% or more on anything if you bought everything in Jita, had perfect industry skills, and sold finished product back in Jita. Even when you mine your own minerals you still need to get value for them. For items that only need minerals you can still make a profit in most cases but most of those are low value items like ammo, boosters etc. For any more complex item where CCP added ‘components’ to the BPO/BPC then it is pretty much impossible now especially as there are far less players online because of indy changes and subscription increases so items on market now move very slowly and everyone keeps undercutting to just sell regardless of profit.

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And it was already the case before the indy change. Your brain, Luke.

FYI I make a correct margin while doing indus in HS.

And the total build cost for me is 9B.

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Just a few months ago Arks were 15b, a few months before that they were 18b and have been decreasing in value ever since CCP promised ‘half price capitals.’ We are now nearly there, perhaps the markets need more time time to adjust following last years industry changes.

Anyway, there are a dozen forum threads about the state of ship building and the market right now, lets get back to the topic of this discussion - blueprints.

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What do you mean ? Use your brain, Luke.
You think I will tell you exactly the steps you need to do to still have a good margin on Arks ? Are your for real ?

Here are my actual building price ATM

Anshar 9.5B
Ark 9.45B
Nomad 8.85B
Rhea 9.6B

What you are saying, is that you try to force your goal on other people. And now you complain that this does not work.


Personal build costs are irrelevant to the conversation, back on topic.

This was the reason for him to hijack the thread from “public library” to “complain land”.

Note that the only point he made on topic was completely wrong. This should be enough to understand he is not here to discuss, but to force his opinion on other people (propaganda) .

Just report this troll.

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