Blueprints, do they indicate what the future holds for EVE?

Before you rush to my Kill Board I’m a PI Alt. My owner is a recently returned player (Christmas) who had a break because of R.L. conflicts. What I was noticing before I left and is glaringly obvious now, at least to any 10 years or more player, who does not live in sov Null, is that, the game is haemorrhaging from a lack of skilled Omega players. Yes the game does seem to have some more attention and a falsely perceived sense of care from CCP now that their addiction to dust has been cured.
But this is a veneer, a facade, a hologram depicting a false reality. How can this be real when we find that an item of ships equipment that is manufactured from blue print has no NO BLUEPRINTS AVAILABLE. This is a relatively new item introduced during my furlong from the game. Ah you say it’s made from Loot drops look in contracts for the BPC’s But alas you are wrong it is made from a blueprint and to this end there is a seller of copies he has ran from his original. But only “The one seller” and one contract of these BPC’s in contracts??? How can this be? Has CCP never checked to see how their little project is prospering, have they never assessed if their new approach is the correct one?
To any who previously dabbled in manufacturing and Blue Printology who may have had a High sec POS in the days when this was a near impossibility; take a stroll down blueprint alley, see how sparse the availability of this EVE essential has become. Look in Jita at the prices for components to make T2 items, Rigs for example. Now take a look at the availability of rigs. Look at Citadels there are items you just cannot buy! And worse you cannot manufacture because there are insufficient raw materials available. This is not unknown, look at the universal buy orders for many mainstream components. Life may go on in sov null sec as before, or at least give that appearance. But for non aligned WORMHOLE, LOWSEC and even serious Highsec players the supply chain is approaching CRIT and it’s CCP that is rolling this hole.
How long will Null sec survive if the rest collapse. I have seen the likes of this before when I played on the now defunct Chinese server. It was virtually impossible to buy T2 stuff.
Oh! Yeh! and we have received a load of refugees from that site and that has somewhat revitalised Null I believe? They seem to be settling in fine. Good! Good! I am glad CCP has at last given you a decent home, even if it is somewhat temporary. CSM, hello where are you? or are you just a joke, another holoreel sent to deceive us.

Sounds serious. Eve must be dying.


Seems like there has been no serious reflection on the effects on the game with a base of players/toons that is greatly reduced both in terms of number of players and skill set. Be that as old players have departed they have been replaced by new alpha players or alts that were formally omega clones that been created or replaced with alpha clones that are not allowed to process into certain skill intensive sectors. I personally have several skilled toons for ship building and Blueprintology that I rarely activate as omega anymore when I can use their main skills at omega level as suport toons in a Praxis etc.

You say sparsity, I say opportunity.

The game lost a lot of casual industry alts, generally from age old players who didn’t really do much other than “numbers go up” and in doing so completely saturated the markets and the economy in general making it nigh impossible for new blood to have any chance to really compete (just like null sec).

Those casual crybaby carebears (alts) quit because “eek effort”, “eek change” and “eek I have to figure stuff out on my own because of the changes, where can I find an easy step by step guide filled with memes telling me what to do”. They have been rage quitting very vocally and no one really cares, not even CCP.

What it all actually has done is create opportunities for people who CAN adapt to the new situations, either because they are new anyway or because they can actually think for themselves.

So when someone rages about gaps and omissions in availability of certain items, and raging about it from a “why doesn’t CCP fix this so I don’t have to put in any effort”, what I, and many others, see is opportunities to fill those gaps and make HUGE profits.

Personally I never bothered much with industry, I don’t really care for numbers or crafting in general, but the changes that have been happening and someone in my small corp being very excited about it (and can’t stop talking about it …) I’ve started a few characters a couple of months ago to look in to it.

It’s been a rough learning process (I’m even doing PI which I hate) but the results are there: IF you are able/willing to actively find opportunities and gaps in the chain, you can do really well. If all you do is “mine ore myself because it’s free” to then build something overly obvious like everyone else then it’s going to suck.

Don’t see problems, see opportunities. Or don’t and be forgotten by time, relegated to the role of raging forum crybaby trying to convince the crowd of impending doom and “I told you so”.

Tldr: HTFU

The lack of blueprints availability is worrisome and leaves me scratching my head for sure.
Just one exemple: I wanted to buy BPO for Void S and Javelins S and there was nothing to buy at Market in Amarr or Jita.
Many BPO are nowhere to be found.
Is EVE going to become Blueprints-chasing game?

Thank you for your comments especially as you did not know what i was talking about. Obviously my comment flew right over your head

“To any who previously dabbled in manufacturing and Blue Printology who may have had a High sec POS in the days when this was a near impossibility”

So I will ignore your rather hilarious comments about “why doesn’t CCP fix this so I don’t have to put in any effort”; “gaps and omissions in availability of certain items” and "relegated to the role of raging forum crybaby trying to convince the crowd of impending doom " due to your ignorance. Now go and play with your PI and let the adults have a discussion. You can come back when you get more advanced in skills, ambition and IQ. and can realise what I am talking about.

Yeh! BPO for T2 stuff have always been scarce or at the least horded by there owners but if you had enough isk someone in the Old Blueprint channel would part with what you wanted or direct you to the contract selling said item. But now even buying copies has become a problem.

There is no shortage of bpos i do t2, t3, and cap production no problem and i have only been playing around 18 month.
Buy a t1 bpo make copies then invent to a t2… i dont see the problem.

Only problem i have encountered so far was geting the amount of gas needed. As jita on the last time i looked had just enough gas for 1 faction super. But with compression coming lets see how that pans out

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You’re crying about a lack of resources, in various forms. It’s those resources that one can now make a killing with which people don’t adapt to because “this is how I’ve been doing things for 12 years and by Jove I shall continue doing it, even if it bankrupts me”.

Instead of going “this isn’t right”, why not identify the shortages and act on it. Unless of course it’s just a whine thread.

Seems that ‘scarcity’ describes EVE to a T. This is the only game I’ve played where I have trouble finding the mcguffin to ‘unlock’ manufacture.
Hell I only want to manufacture my ammo, I don’t want to get rich off that sucker :sweat_smile:

I don’t blame them for hoarding if it’s so hard to find them in the first place.
I succeeded in finding 4 important BPO’s and I’m never selling them.
I think blueprints should be sold by “engineer NPC’s”, seeded by CCP but I understand there are no easy answers in EVE, it’s worse than climate change, lol.

In other words: billions of isk for a BPO

I checked the contracts often. It’s rare you find a BPO in those and if you do it comes in Multi-item contracts where you’ll spend 600mil for BS with only a couple of interesting items not worth over 100mil… total ripoffs.

Exactly. BPC are already expensive… no manufacturing career for me I guess :laughing: :person_shrugging:

blueprints are located in their homeworld npc corp locations.
EVE - Market (

Yes you are correct and I believe so am I. Not all components can be generated the way you described. And yes I do, do and have always done what you suggested for some of my needs. Gas is still avaliable and realatively easy for ppl to find ( I live in a WH so the higher prices benefit me) however gas is no where as rare as components for T2 rigs or Citadels.

Yes most BPO are, for example Barges are in Outer Ring I think most ppl are aware of that. Although it is sometimes a task to find and obtain one from source.

If they are they do not appear in the Market.

I’ve seen everything that eve will bring… there’s nothing to get excited about…

You can create Void S by doing invention stuff on antimatter. The BPOs for antimatter are a lot cheaper. In fact buying up all the Void S in Eve would probably be cheaper than buying the ( I’ve seen figures between 10bn and 10tn ) BPO !

Are you close enough to see? Remember your visibility of the market isn’t infinite. You cant sit in one spot and see everything. You need to travel. :slight_smile:

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So we are talking about T2 ammo BPCs on the market?

Yes, I’ve now been to all thee major markets looking for specific blueprints for my ammo. I mainly use hybrid but I also like lazers yet not well enough to own a blueprint of some crystal, if that even exists.
But it isn’t an emergency. I’ll find what look for given time.

You can use a site like Evemarketer to see where the NPC sell orders for each blueprint are located.