Project Discovery pacifier blueprint

The pacifier blueprint is a one run copy only yet it says it’s for infinite runs.


Is this correct or should i have been given a infinite run bpo? kinda feel scammed a little

The dev’s have said that the rewards display is bugged, it shows a bpo when the actual reward is a one run bpc.

They have known this since the launch. Not fixing it smacks of a classic bait and switch. :roll_eyes:


You should actually LOOK at the image in Project Discovery before you think you’ve been scammed. Notice how it’s the faded blue icon of copies? CCP would NOT give out t2 bpos in such a fashion. The bug involved, is when doing a show info on a copy. It happens elsewhere too.

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I did “LOOK” and considering i know nothing about the different colors i still feel scammed, as for what CCP may or may not give out its all new to me.
Telling me something after the event really doesn’t help.

This is my first time having anything to do with manufacturing, like most people playing the mini game i’m sure i’ll not be alone in the disappointment.

Damn, I want Pacifier T2 BPO! :gift:

I know that last T2 BPOs was distributed years ago after some giveaway… and don’t hope to get one… it’s like Gila or Stratios BPO :slight_smile:

I was picturing something different when I read Project Discovery Pacifier.

Something very, VERY different.


It’s not a bait and switch, this isn’t the first time there have been issues with BPC vs BPO distinction in things like this. It’s because of how the game handles item IDs for Blueprints at a very low level. The reason they haven’t fixed it is because they don’t want to rip out half the code base for what is, at the end of the day, a fairly minor bug.

If they need to rip out half the codebase to fix that, they’re doing it wrong.

the ■■■■? you were expecting a BPO for that!? I literally can’t even begin to address this post with any seriousness.


Finally found it, search on these new forums is no better than the old.

Then why comment on the post unless it’s forum attention you are looking for.
Unfortunately we all don’t have your great experience and clear knowledge of the game. I can only hope to be as great as you one day.

Thank you to all the helpful comments

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Hi, welcome to playing a game that was originally coded 15 years ago by like 20 people total working out of someone’s basement off of money they made from a board game.

The way the item system works in this case is on like the third page of things that CCP want to rewrite, and overall it’s really trivial.

Also even then it’s not really that they have to change half the code base to fix this that’s the problem. It’s not at all uncommon for basic assumptions like this to exist in production code. There’s stuff like this in everything from World of Warcraft, to Star Citizen, to Microsoft Office.

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Even so.
I stand by my point.

The bigger issue is you only get them sexy new professor glasses at level 250. That’s just cruel.

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Yup, that’s a joke. Pacifier T2 BPC at 50 and glasses - at 250.

If you think CCP was going to hand you billions of infinitely printable isk for completing a minigame, then you have some real gullibility problems and should probably stay off the internet.

It’s common sense, don’t take everything you see as an absolute fact.


I kinda understand the people feeling a bit dissapointed. Skins and apparel isnt relly worth anything. The 1 run bpc, for the huge numbers of hours spent, isnt that good a reward tbh. With the exeption of the 2 ships and the low trickle of isk. Theres not much insentive to participate, except for personal interest in the science itself. And for that particular group, most feel dissapointed in the lack of tools to make the most of the project.
At least with the former project discovery, you had access to buy certain types of drugs, wich had some sense of usefullness, and werent fluff.

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I think CCP learned well, what happens when they seed T2- and faction-BPOs. I don´t think they will do that ever again…

Be thankful it is only a BPC.

If it were a BPO, it would be worthless by now and the market would already be glutted with those ships.