Invention and T2 BPCs Help Please

Hello, I used to do invention and industry about 6 years ago but I saw that several things have changed with this. I cannot find any place that has the info I need.

In the past you used to need max runs BPC for modules and ammo to obtain a 10 run bpc. In the process the BPC was destroyed and the T2 BPC was created. I’ve been reading something like invention for t2 module and ammo now only needs a 1 run BPC to produce a 10 run T2 BPC? Is this correct? Max run copies of modules take a very long time and would like not to run them if I dont need them.

On a successful module / ammo bpc, is it possible to get less than 10 runs per copy? I know for ships it can vary greatly but for modules?

What is the best decryptor to use for module / ammo T2 invention?

What about for ships? Do you need a max run BPC or just a 1 run BPC to create a T2 and the runs of the T2 is determined by decryptor? If so, what is the Base

As it was in the past, BPC ME / PE has no effect on the T2 BPC ME / PE, is this correct?

Any help / clarification is much appreciated!

Thank you

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You can use multi-run T1 BPC to start several invention runs in one job.

Decryptors can impact the number of runs per BPC.

At least in my experience none at all. Especially for small and medium modules, the required materials are so few per item that the improved ME has no positive effect on the consumed materials. Large and Extra-Large modules can be a different story. For rigs, you might want to look into Augmentations. The decryptor creates a 10 run BPC which is a lot more convenient than 10 1-run BPCs. Invention success chances drop with the decryptor but it can still be worth it.

Same as for modules and everything else. 1 run of a T1 BPC results in a multi-run T2 BPC and the T2 runs can be influenced by decryptors.



Thank you! Now regarding that multiple invention per multi run bpc - so the invention no longer consumes / locks up the BPC used for invention, so you can start multiple invention jobs with the same multi run BPC?

What are the base runs for a module T2 bpc if you do not use decryptors at all? Do the runs of the T2 depend on the runs of the bpc or they only need 1 run to make a 10 run T2 without decryptors?

Intentions consume runs. If you have a 1 run T1 BPC, you can start 1 invention run and then the T1 BPC is gone, regardless if the invention was successful or not. If you have a 10 run T1 BPC, you can start 1 job with 1-10 runs and for the time of the invention process, the T1 BPC is locked and cannot be used for other inventions.

Rigs are 1 run (even though the below link says otherwise), modules are 10 runs, ships are 1 runs:

The (hopefully) created BPC will have a single run on a ship BPC, and 10 runs on everything else. (

The latter. 1 T1 BPC run creates a multi-run T2 BPC.

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So this means when you refer to the 10 run T1 BPC, and start a job with 1-10 runs, you mean you can create up to 10 copies each with 10 runs of T2 (assuming the impossible 100% success)? Or do you mean that one job will create 1 module T2 bpc with runs anywhere from 1 to 10?

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Exactly that.


Regarding the using up runs of the BPC for invention - if i start out with a 10 run BPC lets say for Stasis Web and invent 1 job runs, it would create 1 BPC T2 with 10 x runs, right and the T1 BPC which i used for the invention is now a 9 run BPC?

So the only benefit of using a 50 run T1 BPC for module invention, would be if you wanted to set up a uninterrupted 50 job run invention job, instead of using up your invention slots for multiple identical inventions of the same item?

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Personally, for module inventions I use 200 run (or whatever the max run number is) T1 BPC and start jobs from that. That way I only have a handful of these BPC in my container and not hundreds of the same type. And it spares me from having to copy more often which blocks invention slots for the char.

Thanks, very helpful.

Question about decryptors. Does the % increase in success rate mean a % of the 100% or a % of the base success rate. For example stasis web has around 45% base success rate without decryptoers. If you use a decryptor with +80% increase, does that give you a 100% success rate (45%+80%) or is it +80% of that base 45%, which would bet a net +31%, putting your total success rate at 81%?

It is the latter. You can figure out the exact percentages by simulating inventions ingame in the Industry window or on industry websites (some linked in the EVE Wiki link above).

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