How does invention work now? (returning character)

Hi all!
I was on hiatus from EVE for almost 10 years and I’d like to know how T2/T3 invention/manufacturing has changed. So, here is a list of initial questions:

  1. is it possible to use alphas in part of technological cycle, like copying BPOs for inventors with higher skills, maybe making t1 items for them?
  2. when inventing from t1 BPC, do you need max run BPCs for 10-run T2 BPC?
  3. Does max-run t1 rig BPC still give only 1-run t2 BPC? Earlier it was most efficient to make 1-run copies for rigs
  4. How decryptors work - do they add runs to say 1-run BPC after successful even?
  5. were BPOs for T3 components deleted and reseeded? I cannot find mine and new ones ask for resources not existing previously
  6. earlier invent of t2 BPC could be boosted by using higher meta-level t1 analog, does it still works?


Alphas can use a very limited number of industry slots and cannot do most of the industry activity. You can build most T1 things with them.

That was changed a long time ago. 1 invention run results in however many runs inventions generated by default for a T2 blueprint. 1 T1 BPC of a module results by default in a 10 run T2 module BPC. Ships are mostly 1:1.

Correct. 1 T1 run results in 1 T2 run. If you invent small rigs, use Augmentations to get 10 runs.

Depends on the decryptors. Some add runs, improve ME/TE, others reduce runs or make ME/TE worse.

I still see BPO for things like Fullerene Intercalated Sheets but the actual subsystem BPO are only available as BPC from wormhole data sites.

No. You also don’t need the item anymore for invention.

If you have enough materials (like for cloak-invention, data cores or decryptors), you can just chain multiple runs from the same blueprint now. Instead of the old way of churning through 100 1-run bpcs, you can now just use one 100 T1-BPC and let that one run through 100-times in one go. It’s neat!

Invention underwent a major shakeup back in 2014

This included merging invention and reverse engineering so T2 and T3 process is basically the same. With T2 the invention inputs are T1 BPCs. For T3 the invention inputs are ancient relics.

T3 component BPO’s are seeded from NPC’s

Great! Does it take total number of datacores and decryptors (one type for this multi-run I assume)? Let’s take the cloak you’ve mentioned as an example:

  1. first I create max-run BPC via copy, say 300 runs of Covert Ops Cloaking Device II (is TE/ME of original still irrelevant for invention?)
  2. set 300 (?) queued invention jobs on this copy, correct?

Thanks for the info. I’m so old that it was after my time in Eve :slight_smile:

Firstly, thanks for a lot of new info! Then let’s go on this with a bit more detail: should I make 1-run BPC and then use relevant decryptor to get 10-run t2 BPC? Or i need 10-run t1 BPC for that? Is it the same for ships and other items?

For covert cloaks you invent from Prototype cloak and the max runs for the BPC is 40. A 40 run invention will take close to 3 weeks depending on skills, implants and facility bonuses. Each successful run will produce a 10 run T2 BPC. The ME/TE of the T1 BPC is irrelevant.

:red_circle: No, the same rules apply. 1 T1 run results in 1 T2 run for rigs and 10 runs for modules. Decryptors modify the number of T2 runs. If you invent small rigs from a 10 run T1 BPC with an Augmentation decryptor and do 10 invention runs, you have the chance to get 10 T2 BPC with 10 runs each. If you invent modules you get a 10 run T2 BPC by default from 1 run of a T1 BPC.

Just to be clear: up to 10 t2 10-run BPC - the inventions are sequential and not all or nothing, correct? So that there is a probability to get from 0 to 10 t2 BPCs with most probable number of 5 (if 50% success rate). Or did I misunderstand?

:red_circle: That is correct.

The probability of success depends on skill - 49.6% if you have level 5 for both science skills and the encryption methods skill. Probability of success can be improved by some decryptors - generally only worthwhile for low run, high value items like T2 rigs and ships. I’ll generally use a Parity decryptor for those.

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