How does invention work?

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I always wondered how do players get their hands on T2 bpcs, ammo, ships and modules.

I move around a bit and would like to make my own T2 ammo if there are none for sale in nearby systems.

So, I have T1 blueprints of said ammo type (lets say scourge heavy missile), how do I get scourge heavy rage ?

Do i need to have my own citadel or a pos ? Or the cost is the only thing that gets lowered by having those.

Thank you, im 100% fresh to R&D.

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No, you don’t need a citadel or POS. You can do this in normal stations.

Basically what you do is make a copy of the original blueprint, and then use the copy along with Datacores to invent the T2 blueprint. There is only a certain % chance each run will succeed.

If you look at the BPC, it’ll list the datacores needed for that specific blueprint under the Invention tab. (For Scourge missiles it’s one Electronic Engineering and one Rocket Science datacores.)

You can also, optionally, use Decryptors when inventing, to change the efficiency modifiers, run limits and success chance.

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The cost actually increases by a lot if you use citadels because you need to factor in fuel cost into your invention cost. It may be faster in a citadel to invent, a station does not require fuel and the fees are usually minimal. Plus, your BPO are safer and always available in a station whereas they are at risk in citadels (risk like asset safety, aborted jobs, paused jobs, and so on).

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Oh cool!

How do i get data cores other than buying them ?
How do i get decryptors ?
If invention fails, do I lose the copy and the cores ?

Are ship blueprints that are sold on the market(not via contracts) are original infinite runs(caracal for example) ? Asking because when viewing market it always said copy when inspecting the portrait.


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They are obtained from R&D agents. Takes a while, but can be worth a lot to get set up with those.

They come from Data Exploration sites.

Yes. They are consumed regardless of the success.

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Datacores and Decryptors drop from exploration Data Site like Central Blood Raider Sparking Transmitter on the one hand, and in more massive numbers from Faction Warfare Loyality Point stores. R&D Agents also provide Datacores but at a much slower rate. Depending on how much time you invest in exploration and running the data sites, you can satisfy a big portion of your consumption via those. Buying them on the market is usually quicker and more convenient.

Remember that you now can use a multi-run BPC for intention and each invention attempt only consumes 1 run off that BPC. You lose 1 run of such a BPC and all the materials that went into the invention, ie. datacores and decryptors (and in case of T3 invention, some salvage materials).

Yes, they are. You can only sell unmodified Blueprint Originals on the market. Modified (researched) Blueprint Originals and Blueprint Copies can only be sold via contracts.

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Does T2 bpc that comes out from a successful invention always going to be a 0/0 or is researching matter prior attempting invention ?

This is my last question :smiley:

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T2 BPC will always be 2/4 unless you used decryptors to modify its values

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Thank you everyone !

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In terms of datacores and decryptors its usually a good idea to put up buy orders on those you regularly use too.

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One thing not mentioned, is your skill sets. Invention requires several additional skills to be trained so look into what you want to invent and train the appropriate science skills. Also you will need moon materials for your T2 BPCs. Good thing about inventing ammunition is that you get a 10 run copy and each run produces 5000 rounds of ammunition, plus it takes relatively little time to produce the ammo. You can also look for the BPCs in contracts and pick up a couple if you don’t want to do the invention.

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