Triglavian ammo charge sizes a bit much

The ammo charge sizes for triglavian ships I think is a bit much, being 0.2 m3 per charge. This only allows 250 charges per ammo type plus 14 cap 800 boosters with a cargohold of 533 m3. Compared to other ships (specifically energy turret) they can hold much more in cargo.

This could make brawling extremely unviable in most circumstances with these ships. Even kiting based fits will have trouble staying in fights very long with only this amount of charges. I’d love to see them be cut to atleast 0.1 m3 per charge, preferably 0.05 m3 each, especially since each shot uses a charge.

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Another way to look at it, you can fit 500 bottles into your gun. Now if you say you also take 500 of other two ammo types with you, basically two full clips, you cant even change the ammo, as there is not enough cargo capacity for clfull clips, at least on the frig and cruiser.

Workaround would be to increase the cargo, reduce the size of the ammo, or give them an ammo bay.

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Many things need to be fixed with the Triglavians, this is one of them.
500 Rounds of ammo, should be as big as a Laser Crystal at most. It already has a pretty shitty cargo compared to other BS, carrying around ammo shouldn’t further decrease your chance of surviving.

The Leshak especially needs to be looked at as in its current state, even with the buff to the damage cap, is still a really bad ship that only can get a lot of armor buffer.

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i don’t even know why they changed them from the crystal mechanics that seemed to work fine


The Crystal Mechanics are not fine, they should turn every Crystal into 1000 Charges, except for the infinite T1 Lenses.

No more broken Crystal Lenses that can’t be stacked.

that is literally only a problem for people with ocd

you are not supposed to be hanging on to your broken crystals it is intended that you rarely use them to completion otherwise you would see their total uses drop substantially probably to under 100 per drop/bpc

That is not only a problem for people with OCD, how many times I had one of my crystals in my guns break, while the others were still at 99% so I had to ungroup guns and manually reload the one gun, then the next ones when they broke soon after. That ■■■■ is annoying and can easily cost you your ship.

i have never had that. only way i can even see that happening is with really poor ammo management. if anything you can just chock that up to another drawback of the weapon system. i would never go into a fight with more than 40% damage and i never keep shooting a crystal higher than 80


Crystal style of ammo (but breakable t1 also) worked just perfect, that rounds thing bring just problems, also feels just dumb on gun which has spooling mechanic… every next round have more damage? Just nonsense that needs some really poor explanation for it

Bottles should be like laser crystals, t-1 doesn’t break, t-2 does.

I understand why they are making them like real ammo, so it is valuable loot from the abyssal sites

I’m concocted, charge bottles are the best

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