Overpowered suggestions for the Trig ships

According to the lore, the Triglavians are masters of manipulating time and space. That’s why they exist in impenetrable pockets of Deadspace. So I’ve got a few ideas about how we could reflect that mechanically in game.

  • One thought would be to allow all 3x ships to use Filaments and run the Abyss. Admittedly, nobody would want to run with the Damavik, but at least it would be possible. And you could limit the Leshak to T4-5. But it just makes sense that if we can encounter these ships inside, then why can’t we take them inside ourselves?

  • An addendum to that point. If you take these ships inside, you get a bonus to the timer before the pocket collapses. Maybe it’s a Role bonus amount of time, or maybe it’s linked to Ship Skill level.

  • There’s another thread going about turning the Charges ammo into a Crystal ammo instead. Just tossing in my support for that idea here as well. I really hate eating up tons of cargo space with piles of ammo. Especially when the Small ammo is just as big as the Large ammo. The Leshak has room for loot after a full load of ammo, but the Damavik has no room for anything if they’re carrying a stack of 3-5 flavors of ammo too. Whereas if they made it into degrading Crystals, you’d still have to replace them regularly (no sense in making them unlimited like T1 Lasers) but you wouldn’t need a mountain of them in the hold.

My other idea(s) are regarding the way the ships travel. Since they talk about using spacetime conduits to do stuff, what about giving the ships conduit travel effects.

  • Damavik would receive a Frigate Skill bonus of 25% warp speed per level. And maybe their warp tunnels would take on an orange/red glow instead of the typical boring grey.

  • Vedmak would receive 15% warp bonus per level.

  • Vedmak would also receive a short-range Jump ability. Allowing them to Jump to any celestial in the system. And maybe the Jump effect would have more of an orange/red glow, if not actually leaving behind a point similar to the Filaments.

    • Does not work for bookmarks, it must be a warp-able object on the Overview.
    • Using this effect completely drains your Capacitor (-10% bonus per level).
    • Using this effect activates a 60 sec Weapons timer. You cannot Tether, Dock, or activate a Stargate for 60 sec after Jumping.
    • Your ship must align to the celestial at speed, just as if you were warping there.
    • This effect is blocked by Warp Scramblers, but not Warp Disruptors. It is also blocked by Bubbles at the origin. “Drag Bubbles” however, are ineffective against your Jump.
  • Leshak would receive a 5% warp bonus per level.

  • Leshak would also receive a long-range Jump ability. Allowing them to Jump to any local celestial, or Jump to the other side of a local Stargate.

    • Jumping within system drains 1/2 your Capacitor (-5% bonus per level).
    • Jumping to the next system completely drains your Capacitor (no reduction).
    • Using either method activates a 60 sec Weapons timer.
    • Same need to align for the local celestial, or the local Stargate.
    • Also blocked by Scrams and immediate Bubbles.

As titled, I think some of these ideas would be decent, and others are probably too powerful. But, they would still be awesome. =)

no no

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Filaments, sure. Why Triglavian ships would be limited to a timer or class size doesn’t make a lot of sense. Crystal-based (lens) ammunition, sure. Just so long as it’s not uber rare to the point where it becomes economically unfeasible to use.

Warp speed increases, sure - I’m always down for those. I’d rather see it as a permanent hull adjustment along the lines of the SoE ship line. I don’t think that either the frigate or cruiser needs a warp speed bump, though.

Leshak … 2.5 AU/s warp speed

Can’t say that I’m overly excited about the short or long-range jump abilities. We already have that in the form of micro jump drives.

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You reminded me I wanted to add a bullet point about them having longer inside the Abyss. Since they’re supposed to be capable of surviving in there when no one else could…


I agree, the Frigate and Cruiser warp pretty decently already. But my real idea had been Jumping, and I needed something weaker for the Frigate.

MJD are nowhere near the same idea. They push you straight ahead 100 km, and that’s it. I’m talking about teleporting to another celestial in space. You undock from the station and immediately teleport to the Stargate. Or teleport from one Stargate to the next. Of course, you have to sit out the timer before you can go through…

I also forgot to mention aligning and scrams.

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Not crazy about the “teleportation” aspect, either. More warp speed, agility, CPU and power grid for the Leshak and I’d definitely be down for that.


How about making them cheaper on the market so i can actually test out the Leshak lol and at the same time make a Mission running variant of the Leshak?

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You can test the Leshak out on SiSi.

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Updated the post. Any more input? =)

What do they need?

  • 25-50% increase to armor hit points
  • 25% increase to sensor strength
  • Damage multiplier bonus increased from 5% to 10%
  • Leshak needs +20% power grid, 5% CPU and 1 mid slot
  • Vedmak needs +10% power grid
  • Demavik is fine

The rationale for these changes is straight-forward:

  • Trig NPCs also had their ramp-up doubled
  • Trig class is particularly vulnerable to ECM
  • Trig class has the lowest shield/armor/hull total of any Faction hull
  • Vedmak and Leshak simply lack enough power grid to properly utilize utility highs

Everything else is fine. I wouldn’t object to the whole class getting a 0.5 AU/s warp speed bump.


Just a wish list for a mission running carebear :blush:

F1 monkeys need love, too.

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