Triglavian Weapons Cooldown

So with the new Triglavian ships, they have unbelievable potential - yet, despite this I think they are very underwhelming and fit a very rarely used Niche. The reason is that the weapons take forever to fully heat, but then somehow cool down instantly. This renders them useless if you (1) get jammed for a second or, more importantly, (2) have to switch targets.

The theoretical trade off for the hull is this: They have the highest DPS of all weapon types but at the expense of waiting a long time for them to heat up. I think the waiting time to heat up is enough, and they shouldn’t have the additional drawback of instantly losing the weapon charge if you need to switch targets. However, maintaining the maximum DPS while switching targets would be too OP.

I would propose a small change to hopefully make them more practical: instead of instantly cooling down, instead give them a cooldown timer where the DPS drops back down to baseline. I would suggest it drops 4x faster than it takes to heat up, possibly faster for the Leshak (since it puts out a lot more DPS than the others).

Example: You’re flying a Vedmak and shooting something, and it’s reached the DPS cap. You switch targets - if you do it quickly it takes you about the time of one weapon cycle. Your weapon charge cools as soon as you begin to cycle the weapon down and the DPS drops significantly in that time, but not all the way back to baseline. It will take another 4 cycles to heat the weapon back to it’s maximum DPS on the new target.


All this triglavian stuff just needs to die the same death that Ressource Wars suffered from.

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I don’t think dumping months of developer work is a better solution than a slight rebalance tweak.


Months of developer work? LOLOL

They barely took into consideration any of the testing feedback we gave them…


Probably because your ideas were ■■■■, given how easily you dismiss the amount of time it takes to produce and roll out entirely new game content.

Any comments on the actual suggestion or just purposeless trolling?


The issue I see is it would allow for maximum DPS for an entire engagement which would make the ships extremely OP, maybe a 1/2 cool down so if you wait two ticks it is back to start.

Weapon DPS dropping off is part of the balance for these weapons. They meant for it to drop back down to 0 if you reset for any of a number of reasons. That’s to compensate for the fact that the laser is full strength whether you’re 1m or 50km away. The trade for having no Falloff, is having it reset.

And the visible lore makes that apparent. When you start firing on a target, the ship itself goes all Transformer and puffs up its Spirit Bomb core. Then when you stop firing, the core shrinks down and the ship transforms back to normal. The visible reasoning being that once it’s established an outgoing particle stream, it can afford to increase power output and dump that straight into a stronger laser beam. That’s why the laser changes color at the same time, it’s getting reinforced by the core.

If you try to maintain that higher level of power generation, without an outgoing laser beam, the ship could basically explode from the overcharge. That’s why the moment you stop firing, the core goes back to normal and the damage drops to baseline.

I think a fast cooldown against a single target is fine so even if you get jammed you can get up to Max from say half charge if it’s only for one cycle


Maybe a better solution would be to kill two birds at once and get rid of ecm. It is more op and cancerous than the new ships are.

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Good luck with that fight… =)

I’d say I wish you luck, but I really don’t. ECM is a perfectly valid tactic. It just so happens that it has a very detrimental effect on Trig weapon systems… And they were intended to be. As long as you can stay locked and trained on the target, life is only going to get worse and worse for them. So the trade off is to get away or break the lock.

How about the more time you waste not shooting the more it resets back with a fixed drop in power guaranteed when switching target. Say you’re at 1600 dps you need to switch you get down to maybe 900-1000 no matter how fast you switch and build up again while lowest reset dmg is 750ish

They could buff the damage multiplier from 5% to 10% for starters (same change that they made to NPCs). That would make a huge difference,


I think it would be better to remove the dps ramp up, and just have a weapon overheat / stable damage reduction…it would this way…you would get a Higher initial damage and then it would drop down to a consistent stable damage, until you click the weapon off and the overheat would reset. that way you get better damage for a little while then standard damage, this would mean you could switch targets also.


  • Higher initial damage then reducing to normalized damage consistently
  • Able to switch targets this way
  • Change makes it competitive with other weapon systems
  • This feature would allow these ships to create an opening in the targets defense then providing normalized damage.

**weapons mods for either low or mid would increase the time the damage could stay higher, before reducing to normalized damage.

I think this change would be fair and makes sense.

Wouldn’t players just set their disintegrator not to repeat and fire manually each cycle then?

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I’ve seen that done before. It’s not very exciting =)


Exactly! lol

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I thought about that but if you clicked it on and off you would give the target time to recover…the higher damage rate would exist for a much shorter time then existing now so you would want to keep it on.

Alternatively it could just have consistant damage rate, flat rate of damage based on the module you are using just like other weapons but the longer you are using the disintegrator on the target the more the weapon can lower resistances on the target. Their are many modules for increasing resistances on a ship… so a weapon that can lower resistance on a target would be useful in many situation. Which is something the disintegrator could do the high level ramp up could be maximum lowering of target resistance based on module vs target resistance.

Hmm… The Leshak seems to be doing just fine:

The commentary is russian but he runs his client in english.

I do agree with the sentiment though, I would like the buildup of the precursor guns to be a little bit quicker or the reset a little slower

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Sure, with someone boosting him. Otherwise he’d never be able to rep fast enough with that fit.

As I’ve stated previously, the Vedmak and Leshak simply need more power grid; the Leshak also needs more CPU and a fifth mid slot. And the disintegrator ramp-up needs to be doubled.


@Omnathious_Deninard yeah I like the idea of a fast cooldown, but not instant - so you don’t lose all of the DPS potential you’ve built up by switching targets, but you also don’t get to maintain the maximum DPS. It’s a nice trade-off.

@Arthur_Aihaken I also agree here…the one I’ve flown the most is the Vedmak, I hopped into a Leshak and didn’t like the slot layout. The Leshak really struggles without boosts, drugs, or implants. I think the Vedmak is in a slightly better place.

It seems like they wanted it to be a ‘glass cannon’ - except that it takes so bloodly long to heat up, it’s completely impractical. It can’t really tank until it gets the DPS up, so the only way it fulfills that role is if it’s shooting something that doesn’t shoot back. Then when you switch targets you start all over again, so it completely fails in that role. More PG and an extra mid would help that.

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