Entropic disintegrators ammo

I propose to replace the charges of exotic plasma with lenses like those of lasers, this will free up space in the hold and give more opportunities for long-distance travel on Trigavian ships

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I’m all for the idea, but I think it’s gone too far down the rabbit hole to turn the clock back at this point. Maybe eliminate the activation capacitor cost instead?

I do not think that this is the best solution, lenses will make this weapon useful in PVE

What would you do with all the exotic plasma ammunition and blueprints already in play? And the players who’ve invested sizeable sums of money into manufacturing them?

made the lenses as limited as drilling crystals, and would change the amount of resources for production, and the current losses from changing ammunition to compensate players (in resource equivalent or monetary)

I would LOVE to have them turned into crystals. I detest carrying piles of ammo. And this would be easy to do all the way around. They’ve already done it before with POS fuel. One day it was bits of fuel, the next day it was Cubes.

  • First you decide how many shots you should be able to get from a single crystal. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll say it’s 1,000.

  • Now, every T1 BPC run creates 1x crystal instead of 1,000x charges. And every T2 BPC run makes 1x crystal that’s good for 5,000 shots.

  • Then, you turn all the stockpiles into equivalent amounts of crystals. If you have at least 1,000x T1 charges in a pile, you’ll come back to find 1x crystal. If you have 5,000x T2, you’ll find a T2 crystal. Any leftovers will be turned into a damaged crystal with X/1000 % life remaining.

  • You’d probably want to refund all the pending market orders and contracts. That way you don’t have to fiddle with damaged crystals.

Now all the charges are gone, and everyone has mountains of crystals to carry around instead. =)


I’m glad you’ve worked out all the logistics. but it still remains to be seen if CCP would even entertain the idea at this point.

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Making weapon ammo more rare than the weapon itself would probably negate the weapon use anyway.


What do you mean making it more rare? It would be just as available as current Charges. It’s just a matter of carrying a few crystals or a pile of bullets.

If you’re referring to Ghost saying “make them limited as drilling crystals”, I took that to mean how they wear out like Ore lasers and T2 Amarr ammo wears out. As opposed to making them unlimited like T1 Amarr ammo is.

I’m really fine with Exotic Plasma as ammunition. I mean, it holds 500 rounds and has an instant reload. Guess I’m in the minority.

I’d rather see the sensor strength boosted so it has more of an immunity to ECM and sensor damps, a bump to the damage multiplier bonus per cycle (same 10% as the NPCs have) and maybe a bit more warp speed and agility.

The damage multiplier bonus in itself would be a game changer.

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But get rid of the Explosive dmg profile…

Remember these are PLASMA weapons, not LASERS.
and with that being said…

Why in the hell do we need another EM/therm weapon for?

It’s thermal-explosive - which is perfectly fine with me.


My issue isn’t with the gun holding 500 rounds. It’s all the space used carrying at least another 1,000 rounds in cargo. That way I have a full load of all 3 types. Or 2,000 rounds in cargo if I’m using T2 guns. Talking about 100-200m3 of the 500m3 bay wasted on carrying stacks of ammo. And if you’re using a Cap Booster or AAR, there’s even more charges you have to store.

I do agree though, boosting the damage cycle to match the NPCs would be pretty awesome.

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Realistically, you don’t need to carry more than 1500-3000 rounds of ammunition (150-300m3 cargo). That still leaves 633-783 for paste and cap boosters.

I’m finding that I make do with Mystic for the most part, although I’m still on the fence between the T2 over Faction Supratidal disintegrators. The Faction has better fitting, better tracking, lower activation cost and slightly more range - but does less overall damage with Baryon and Tetryon (more range than Mystic and Occult).

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Ah, you’re looking at the Leshak stats. I’m using the Vedmak stats for how much cargo space I’m using up with ammo and other charges. Still, we’re both using up a ton of space on keeping our mods running, which means less room for any decent loot.

I agree with the guns as well. The T2 don’t have much over the Faction, other than the ability to use T2 ammo which isn’t that much more than the standard fare.

Plasma is hot… EM is not a constant output from the sun though…

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Mystic ammunition is fairly decent on the Leshak. 52km is a perfect engagement range and T2 ammunition deals twice as much thermal as explosive damage. Occult is just brutal.

And yes, sorry - I was referring to the Leshak’s cargo capacity. It does seem odd that the small and medium plasma charges are the same physical size as the large. They should probably be 0.05 and 0.02 m3, respectively.

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Something like this could potentially work. Make a new class called “Stable” or something to that effect of the ammo, and make it behave and degrade more like a T2 laser crystal, but not do quite as much damage as the “volatile” which get burned up with each use. So it’ll not last forever, but a decent chunk of time if you choose to accept the moderate damage decrease in exchange for the crystals lasting longer. It would have a relationship similar to T1 vs T2 ammo currently, but in this case the “T2” is actually a bit weaker in exchange for compact size.


Having used the new plasma for a few weeks I’m fine with how it works. Manufacturing your own comes in somewhere between T2 and Faction equivalent.

You don’t need to carry more than 500-1000 rounds of maybe 2-3 types (max) so there’s still plenty of cargo capacity.

Tracking is exccellent so you don’t really need to buff that, either.

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