New Entropy Weapons and Mechanics

I pondered the name ‘entropic disintegrators’ which is a cool name. Introduces a new mechanic where the longer the beam is trained on the target the more damage is done. Fine and good, but we can do better.

I thought about how a real entropy weapon would work. It might take the existing potential useful energy residing in the target, and use it against the target itself to destroy it, whether that be melting it, frying it, evaporating it, scrambling it, etc.

The way I understand entropy is that you can extract work (energy, whatever) by going from a lower entropy state to a higher entropy state. For example this is how a car engine works. The mechanic for the new proposed entropy weapons would be thus: the lower the entropy of the target (the less damaged it is, or more undamaged it is), the higher the DPS. As the target becomes more damaged (more melted, scrambled, heated, disintegrated, etc), it gets a higher and higher entropy, thus there is less and less energy available for useful work, so DPS goes down.

Since I’m not looking to replace the current entropic disintegrators nor their mechanics, we’ll call these things something else. Entropic annihilators, entropic scramblers, entropy bombs, whatever.

Kind of a neat Triglavian ewar idea.

Similar to tracking disruptors and guidance disruptors in a way, which reduce the applied damage of weapons, but instantly and with no build up like disintegrators do.

I could see this as a good additional weapon. The longer the weapon is active, reduces the DPS of the target ship, rather than the application of the DPS. Net effect is the same - reduce incoming damage and reduced potential for damage application.

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Nice. Now we got an additional DPS weapon, and an ewar weapon.

We don’t need anymore high burst dps weapons in EVE.

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How about a weapons disruptor module that causes the disintegrators to spool down?

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Or a “heat” conversion device that converts disintegrator “heat” into capacitor energy? :slight_smile:

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