Let the faction disintegrator turrets use t2 ammo

I think it is a missed opportunity that those faction disintegrator turrets cannot use t2 ammo.

CCP does have plans to open faction guns for t2 ammo somewhere, so it puzzle me that they didn’t start with the faction precursor guns.

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If CCP decides to give Faction guns the ability to use T2 ammuntion it will be for all Faction guns and not only precursor weaponry (as a start). Until then you’ll just have to wait for it. I don’t think it’s a matter of if it’ll be, but a matter of when it will be.


I really want to believe this, but it seems like module tieracide has all but come to a halt lately.


Kind of defeats the purpose for Triglavian T2 disintegrators, as they have less range than their Faction equivalents, require substantially more training and cost quite a bit at present. Not too mention that the T2 disintegrators have worse fitting requirements.

I agree that if they do it for Triglavian Faction disintegrators they’ll probably to do it for all Faction weapons (including Officer).

Waiting on mutaplasmids for disintegrators (there’s only one weapon, so no problems with grouping there!)

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