Gunnery specialization skill benefactors

Im wondering now that we can use t2 ammo in faction guns.
While the guns dont need the specialization skill iteself HOWEVER the ammo needs it.

While combining those two do we get the bonus from specialization skill on faction guns with t2 ammo ?
or is it not worth doing faction guns (that cost ALOT more) vs t2 guns ?

devs ? anyone ? simple yes or no helps :stuck_out_tongue:

I had no idea we could use T2 ammo in faction weapons. Is this confirmed?

At any rate, the bonuses conferred by the specialization skills are tied to the modules, not the ammo used by those modules. So only the T2 weapons would receive those bonuses.

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It’s currently limited to capital weapons only. CCP are planning on expanding that in the future though.

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