Faction Guns with t2 Ammo Less dps on Singularity than T2

Have just tested on the singularity server with Faction Guns and T2 ammo and they still do less dps than t2 Gun’s supper disappointing guess they will still not be used no use paying 40mil for something worse :confused: there fitting costs don’t make up for the loss in dps at all.

Have you considered providing feedback about it, perhaps over here?

Thanks didn’t realize there was a thread already open.

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No worries!

It’s supposed to be about choices and options, better fitting from faction, along with different quirks based on the faction (unless that has been changed I haven’t looked yet) better damage from T2 from the weapon specialization skills being required for them.

Right now only some faction launchers are better than t2. It should be consistant with capital weapons and all faction be 4-5% worse than t2, just better fittings.


T2 weapons benefit from extra damage from specialization skill

Taken into account.

If Faction Gun’s are supposed to be worse than t2 in damage then by that same logic faction web should have shorter range the T2 but less fitting cost’s.

There is no one buying these weapons for year’s and that’s becuase damage is the primary roll of weaponry (as Range is the primary roll of web / Faction should be the best in class at its primary roll) if its bad at it and more expensive then no one will buy it and its pretty clear very few are buying them.

I’m pretty sad because It’s one more place people can add even more risk to their pvp ships for a bonus :confused: but makes 0 sense why anyone would, a lot of risk / hardly any reward.

Cap alphas at IV of a weapon skills, make factions do the same damage as T2 with slightly less fitting, and poof problems solved. T2 weapons stay vastly cheaper at the same effectiveness with slightly worse fitting and faction demand stays high.

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