Torpedo Specialization skills Fix

The Torpedo Specialization skill that gives the extra rate of fire damage to the T2 launchers only apply to these items only.

Why not the faction weapons when using the T2 ammo?

The faction launchers has a faster rate of fire but gives less damage when using T2 ammo.

Is there going to be a fix when using T2 ammo on faction guns the Torpedo Specialization skill will apple full damage to it?

At them moment T2 launcher gives 651 dps at 8.063 sec for a Purifier and the faction launcher with t2 ammo gives 604.6 dps at 8.68 sec for a purifier.

Without skills T2 launcher is 14.40s and faction launcher is 13.95s

So as it stands the faction launcher should be more dps then the T2 launcher since the faction launcher base is faster.

Torpedo Specialization skill book should apply to faction launcher now since they can use t2 ammo I believe.

Will the faction weapons be added to this skill book since there using t2 ammo now?

No, they allowed faction weapons to use T2 ammo because they werent used as much because of both the cost and T2 ammo being able to get more dps.

Give an inch take a mile.


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Its fine as it is…
Besides a purifier with polarized, the right implants, max skills can up to 1300-1400 dps, why use faction?

As far as i can tell, specialisation skills are for t2 weapons. Not faction weapons. Not T2 ammo.

But faction weapons have been allowed to use T2 ammo for extra utility.

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1300-1400 dps with a 2bil plus pod maybe and a 600 mill bomber if you want them numbers. Why use it you say, well, faction should be better for the the rarity. T2 launcher are good but should be the best for dps and price. The faction should be somewhere in between T2 launcher and Polarized launcher dps for the rarity and price.

T2 turret skill bonuses don’t apply to faction turrets.

T2 launcher skills bonuses shouldn’t apply to faction launchers.

Seems pretty straightforward.


Also, using a niche case like bombers as an argument for overall module balance is a huge stretch.

Also also, even though the faction launcher in your example has a lower DPS, faction launchers are easier to fit than their T2 counterparts (all take less powergrid, some take less CPU). For the lower-CPU variants in particular (which you referenced since they have the 13.95s firing interval), this can have a huge impact to overall DPS because you can potentially fit an additional damage module. So I think the problem here isn’t with faction torpedo launchers, it’s with the fits you’re trying to use on bombers.

I used a bomber as an example, but if you need a different ship then feel free to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to give you them stats for the missiles.
For the faction weapons since there rare and and only can get them in sites then its should be better in dps i believe. Ok ok ok yes polarized weapons should be more since no tank but for the others the faction should give more dps then the normal T2 weapons.

If not why have them in the game if there going to be worst then T2 weapons.

Just my thoughts

This is the problem here, you are basing your view on your personal beliefs on how things should be, rather than how things are and have always been.

Ever since T2 weapons were introduced they have been stronger than all faction and most officer guns. I dont see the reason why that should be changed now.
The faction and officer guns have found their place in the current system with their lower fitting and skill requirements. They have even managed to keep their market price quite high.

I suggest that when it comes to eve, one should discard the thought that “more expencive is always better” and think instead that “more expencive is usualy more special”

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And this is your problem. Your belief doesn’t fit in with how pretty much every other faction module in the game works.

In order to justify what you’re proposing, you’d need to up-end the entire faction/T2 module paradigm, and that seems rather counterproductive.

you are so wrong on this…
Do you have any clue how easy it is to farm LP and acquire Faction items from their respective LP stores?? probably not.

So let me clue you in, it is as easy for anybody willing to dedicate… let me say it again dedicate 1 day out of their sub time to make a profit of 10 billion isk running Lv4’s for faction items used by others too lazy to get themselves.

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