Tech 2 Weapons vs. Tech 1 Variants

Hi… I’ve got a question… I’ve noticed this in several different comparisons between weapons that are Tech 2 and similar Tech 1 variations. You can see what I’m getting at when you compare Heavy Ion Blaster II’s with Modal Ion Particle Accelerator I’s. The only attributes that I see are different between these two are the price (the Tech 2 version is way more expensive), Activation Cost, CPU Usage, Powergrid Usage (the Tech 2 version uses more of each one). But, as for every other stat – turret tracking, rate of fire, damage modifier, etc – these two items match up down the line.

Is there something I’m missing? Is there some advantage to fitting the Tech 2 version over the Tech 1 version? If not, why would anyone ever fit the Tech 2 version?


ammo. t2 ammo to be precise.

Faction/ds can use t2 ammo and fits easier but is it worth cost becomes the question of the day.

Also the specialization skills tack on extra damage.

And for oh crap moments…you can cook the t2 weapons longer with overheat.


If you compare t2 weapons and faction weapons, the t2 will actually do more because of the specialization skills, even though faction weapons have a higher damage bonus.


Not entirely true any more, Faction Weapons can use T2 Ammo and get the specialization bonus for quite some time now. I use Dread Guri HAM Launchers on my Abyssal Sacri for example to get the fit done (they use way less PG/CPU than T2) and they still do more damage with the same Ammo than T2 Launchers would do.

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Faction weapons do NOT make use of specialization skills but they can use T2 ammo. The only reason faction missile launchers out DPS T2 is because they have a better ROF and specialization for missiles applies to the missile and not the launcher. For guns, with specialization, T2 will always out damage faction. Only officer beats T2 for guns.


This is correct. They have improved stats including overall DPS over the base T2 version, but not to the extent of a maxed-out spec skill.

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T2 weapons can use ammo that gives substantially more DPS…especially if you throw in T2 drones as well. For example I have a T1 Gnosis with T1 heavy pulse laser and T1 drones that can do 550 DPS in total. In the exact same ship with T2 heavy pulse laser, T2 heat sink, and T2 drones i get 900 DPS. And…I get greater tank EHP with T2 shield extenders. And so on. So its not some minor difference.

Then explain why my full-maxed Char with DG Launchers does more DPS than on the exact same ship with T2 launchers - T2 ammo used of course.

I literally just explained why. For missiles the specialization applies to the missile not the launcher. For guns it applies to the turret and not the ammo which is why T2 guns out dps faction guns.


PyFa says no. When using T2 Launchers I have the “Heavy Assault Missile Specialization” skill shown under “affected by” in the module stats. So the specialization seems to affect the launcher, not the missile (it adds 2% RoF, how should that benefit the missile itself?). Also the skill description clearly says it applies ot the launcher, not to the missile.

You seem to be correct tho that the faction launcher doesn’t use the Spec skill, there is no reference to it when using them instead of the T2. It cleary out-dps the T2 anyway.

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Wow, you sir are correct. I don’t know why I remembered missiles using the specialization skill instead of the launcher.

Looking in game now, faction launchers get a huge ROF increase over T2 such that even with full level 5 specialization, T2 still loses.

Faction guns do not get that same huge increase to DPS and as such lose out to T2 when specialization is high enough.

Well, I remember that they reworked the faction weapons at some point, because when I started playing the game you couldn’t use T2 ammo in them. T2 guns do get fitting+range+cap-use boni over T2 instead, so with the spec skill they are behind in sheer DPS.

My bad, guess I should have said guns. I assumed they’d be relatively consistent. My fault for assuming CCP would do that I suppose.

I was going off of this though:

My spec skill isn’t maxed, but it still manages to out dps the faction weapons with t2 guns.

yeah, faction guns get different base advantages than launchers. These don’t reflect in the raw DPS numbers, so when having the spec-skill, T2 become better at this part. However, having more optimal range, requiring less fitting resources and requiring ~30% less cap to fire can also come in handy when trying to create specific fits. It just isn’t that popular. On the other hand, faction launchers are usually too expensive to be used on a regular basis. And I am not sure if we should count them as “T1” anyway, since they clearly can use T2 ammo now, which is by far the most benefit of T2 over T1.

Right. As you can see in the example, the raw dps isn’t that far off. You don’t really get a big jump unless you go polarized, and we’re both aware that comes with it’s own major drawbacks.

Factions also suck to buy…even if you are making the lp yourself. Hub prices aren’t all gouging. Domination will rip out a nice amount of your wallet I came to find out. and you may have to take less lp isk on the sale.

Empire faction has tag needs to even be worse. Pirates are jsut lp and isk to be “nicer” here.

But going back to vanilla t1…it has its uses op. We all started somewhere…with t1 weapons lol.

It can “work” in pvp okay even. As faction ammo may be used anyway. Many organize pvp setups have the noob fits. T1 weapons, faction ammo. It works well enough till skills there for t2 later on.

Officer is the only way to go. :smiley:

wow, ok, i guess that touched a nerve, huh?

but, so, in summary, is the answer i’m looking for that the T2 weapons can use ammo like Void and Spike? in my original example, def. the MIPA cannot use T2 ammo and certainly doesnt get any specialization bonus. thank you everybody who responded …

There’s a longish description of Tech Meta/Faction/Tier variations at Eve University:

Yes, T2 weapons can use T2 Ammo (Void/Spike and others). So can some types of T1 faction weapons. The various levels have different fitting needs (Power/CPU), stats, availability and pricing.

T2 weapons with T2 ammo is sort of the ‘standard go-to’. Availability is good (since players can make it) and pricing is okay (since players compete to sell), and the performance is mostly better. However depending on the ship, fit, and purpose, there can be combinations of Meta(named), Faction or other weapons with T1, Faction or T2 ammo that either fit better (lower fitting requirements, lower skills) or have better stats for the purpose. But the pricing and availability of the better options can vary quite a bit.

CCP or whoever ends up controlling the IP because CCP does such a bad job still, should introduce a scarcity but towards modules and ammo and what not. It needs to be cleaned up, simplified, and rebalanced. There is too much complexity?


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