Faction Guns using T2 Ammo

Just wondering if anyone knows the ETA when faction weapons can use T2 ammo by any chance?

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Probably sometime when Meta-cide is started again.

Officer weapons, too (not that this matters to most). I would exclude T1 and Storyline and keep it at Faction, T2 and Officer.


Faction guns can already use faction ammo. /thread

But seriously, I see the room for allowing it. People opt for faction guns instead of T2. They should be able to use T2 ammo in them if they have the skill.


So T2 ammo would keep their skill requirements in this scenario?

I can’t see why not.

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That sounds fair. That would mean this scenario is more for veteran players looking to fit faction weapons with T2 ammo for fitting purposes?

If I recall, T2 weapons would still have a slight advantage in dps, due to spec skills. Except for officer weapons, which would have much more dps, but at risk of being a gank magnet. So it would all seem to balance out somewhat.

Faction weapons are so much more expensive and have only marginally higher DPS than meta. To make them viable for well-trained pilots, the T2 weapon skill damage should carry over to all meta 5+ types. At current, they are only used by pilots with too few skillpoints to use tech 2.


They already allowed faction capital guns to use T2 ammo so it’s only a matter of time.

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I thought I might have an issue with this, but I can’t think of a good argument against… :rofl:

The devs would have to change the mechanic on how the spec bonus is applied, IIRC the bonus is based on the skill requirements of the weapon. Suppose they could just change it to based on meta level.

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I think the skill should be changed to enable you to use tech 2 weapons, and also increase damage of ALL weapons of that type by 2% per level. So your old meta guns get the damage increase, faction guns get it, officer guns get it, everything. Even the little civilian guns get it.

That would of course be a good time to finally tiericide the weapons. Currently, meta 4 weapons have the same DPS as tech 2 save for the skill bonus.

Apply the bonus to the ammo rather than the gun itself as you’re looking for exotic ammo used in standard weaponry.


If I recall correctly, capital faction weapons just get to use the T2 ammo, nothing else.
They didn’t rewriting the code for applying bonuses or have the faction weapons require the skill or anything like that.
Faction weapons already do more base damage than a T2 weapon, I just don’t know if it’s 10% more.

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