What's the deal with faction weapon's btw?

They are currently selling for less than the cost to make them from lp store’s xD they do less damage because of the lack of use from specialist weapon skill’s, cant use t2 ammo, does anyone actually use them btw?


Skill noobs use them. They were supposed to get the faction capital gun treatment after a period of testing time with the faction capital guns using T2 ammo, but CCP basically stopped Tiericide and module rebalance … for RNGesus modules now.


I vaguely recall something said around a couple years ago at Fanfest about the possibility of implementing an extra bonus for all stats on Faction ships when completely fit with all Faction modules.

Which actually would be cool, that would help boost the value of Faction modules as well as make their usage much more viable.


Interesting to hear and I hope what you guys say come’s true, as they are pretty useless atm.


I recall CCP stating something very recently that faction weapons will be able to use T2 ammo if the player has the skill to use it, but unfortunately I do not remember where it was so I am unable to provide any pointers to the source.


Like set armor in Diablo2. :rofl:


Or (dare we say) WoW :scream:

If you think they are useless you have never tried fitting a ship with them. They can be complete game changers when it comes to how much tank you can slap on a ship, and if you need to downgrade modules. Tech two ammo is not really all it is cracked up to be in most PvP situations.


Until you have trained gunnery spec to L4 you get better dps out of faction weapons. So a lot of newer players that buy their games choose the faction weapons over t2 due to skill training time to get to t2, now that you can buy both its not much of a deal and so faction weapons should tank in price as anyone that needs to uses faction ammo and or knows why and where T2 is better.

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They are replacements for those who can’t use t2…just like the ammo. They are close in stats but much more expensive…compare caldari navy antimatter to void for example, you’ll see the large difference.

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Heh, that is not a good comparison. Even at max skills I still use anti-matter over void, in fact, I just did it on Singularity while messing around in the Trig sites. Reason being you lose only very little DPS but gain a whole lotta tracking over T2 ammo. DPS doesn’t do squat if I can’t hit stuff with consistant and solid hits.

Likewise with the projectile ammo, when I used a Munnin I went with T2 Auto Cannons and faction ammo, Phased Plasma and EMP FTW and less tracking issues.

Incidentally, just FYI, I was running 2 tracking rigs, 1 tracking comp with tracking script and a single T2 web. Still had issues hitting targets and had to string them in line to do so. So the upcoming tracking requirements are huge. Much bigger then the DPS. Tank I didn’t have that much problems with once I learned how to manuver around the clouds etc., lost 2 ships until then though.

I haven’t looked at faction weapons, maybe I should have. Might be able to get a better fit.

Haven’t tried a long range fit yet either, by default at range everything is stringed and you fly to keep it that way, still I can’t imagine tracking bonusses (or less penalties) from using faction ammo or guns over T2 will hurt anything.


It’s the original concept behind faction weapons and ammo. If you can’t handle facts…I can’t help you. Plus…tl;dr.

I agree with Fluffy Moe, a lot of the Faction munitions actually performs better than T2 munitions, especially since they provide much more versatility for specific type of damage application.

I run T2 Autocannons in my fit up’s and usually use T2 Barrage for long range snipping, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma and Republic Fleet EMP generally for mid to short range combat and T2 Hail for Structure bashing.

Yet it didnt always used to be this way. A lot of this has changed post a lot of nerfs over the years to ships and ship classes as well as the built in nerfs to T2 ammo that have been buffed lately ( tracking).

Whereas this is true for proj and hybrid ammo that didnt used to be the case for proj ammo, hybrid other than spike has been in the toilet a lot minus ganking or shooting bigger targets with void. And is entirely untrue still for lasers. Where Scorch shines for long range and is almost the only long range ammo worth a damn and T2 therefore a must. Again the multifreq/conflag issue does remain true for the faction/T2 contest.

So though it is true it is true in light of past events that have made it more heavily so. As a lot of these prenerf were standard for T2 ammo in PvP situations.

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Ok, for the dense material…it has lower skill requirements and costs much more. My original post carries weight, faction crystals do suck minus multifreq. There was the penalties with t2 ammo, but they were offset by skills.
If for example in a t2 trained character flying a blaster ship…who doesn’t carry void, null and caldari navy antimatter for versatility. The caldari navy has better tracking for smaller ships. Even though this is offset by skills, it’s nice to get every % bonus.
So really in the end, I am right and the others is speculation and nit-picking. Who has time for that? WHOOPPPEEEE!!!

Then there’s minmitar guns. Some use barrage for it’s range…but it sucks basically. Some know that before they changed the tracking formula, quake and hail was absolutely useless unless at blaster ranges practically. Every pilot carries republic navy EMP and it’s armor alternative which I can’t remember atm. It provides the best damage at a medium range, so I guess it boils down to what is best and what you need it for.
Also I’d like to go back to eve’s origins mentioning the speed nerf, done during the quantum rise patch. Amarr was meant to tank with weakish lasers, gallente was supposed to be damage and do well at pvp, caldari was for missions/sites and minmatar was pure speed tank. Until the quantum rise patch, everyone wanted a vagabond that went what 10km/s? It could outrun missiles as I recall. Let alone interceptors of any race, Some person told me when I was a noob at eve that hers went 37km/sec. This is why they changed that, screwing up the whole paradigm, basically making minmatar eve on hard.
PHEW, I had to get that off my chest, plus give some perspective on the changing game.

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