What am I missing here?

Why are faction weapons worse than tech 2 for the Amarr?

Even with pulse specialization at 5 which would give tech 2 weapons a 10% dmg modifier, how is pulse specialization 3(which is what I have) making tech 2 superior with only a 6% modifier? The navy guns have a 15% higher base dmg modifier which aside from their cap efficiency should make them really desirable, but they aren’t because they are doing less dmg. Shouldn’t they still be dealing 5% more dmg even with pulse special at 5? I just cant understand what I’m missing. Its kinda lame that it works this way. For example Caldari Navy launchers are superior to their tech 2 variants because it seems like the numbers are adding up correctly since the Navy launchers shoot about 15% faster base.

Then no one would use T2.
Specialization skill don’t work on faction guns.

T2 is cheaper which is why you would use it. But that’s irrelevant to the point I’m making. I want to know why Amarr faction weapons don’t seem to benefit from their base modifier like Caldari launchers do.
Even with say HAM specialization at 5, Caldari HAMs would still shoot faster, because their base fire rate is 15% faster.

Start from comparing guns to guns and launchers to launchers.

And yes. Faction launchers are better than t2. But t2 guns are better than faction guns.

Well I guess the difference between the modifiers is only 4% so I wasn’t thinking about it the right way. :frowning:

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As I have always understood it, Tech I are the base, while Faction are better than Tech I and to be used when you can’t yet use Tech II.

As someone said above, there would be no point in Tech II even existing if you could go straight to Faction and have better.

Base Faction is designed to be the middle ground between I and II.

This definitely applies to Faction modules like Imperial / Federation Navy.

My Hail ammo beats my Fed Navy ammo, my Hobgoblin II are better than my Fed Navy Hobgoblins.

There are also far better Faction modules like Domination that can surpass Tech II.

  • search the T2 variation
  • show info, variations
  • clic on compare
  • in the comparison wheel, clic on the cog, only show attributes that differ
  • tick all the atributes
  • remove deadspace and officer and T1
  • make a new screenshot.
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