Faction Heavy assault launchers


I need your help, according to the comparison tool ingame, the republic fleet heavy assault launcher should do more dps, then the T2 Launchers.

However im noticing on my secrilege that this is not the case, the T2 launchers do 100.1 dps with t2 ammo each and the faction launchers do: 95 dps.

Can you please investigate?

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Read the description of the T2 Heavy Assault Specialisation skill.

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try the caldari/guristas one

I think you are right. The rf-launcher may not get the rof bonus.

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They wouldn’t. T2 spec skills only apply to T2 mods. In this case, T2 mods get a ROF bonus. Faction mods may be able to fire T2 ammo, but they do not get the T2 spec skill bonus to ROF.

Just tested in Pyfa, and it seems even if you have Spec 1-2, you’ll end up doing more damage than the Factions. Which is lame, b/c I know some of the other guns under-perform until you get Spec 4-5. Then the T2 mods finally pull ahead.

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Marcus, it’s not a “bonus”. The base rof of the faction launchers is better than the t2 one.

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Base stats…

Rep Fleet HAM = 6.2sec ROF
T2 HAM = 6.4sec ROF

Sacrilege offers 5% bonus per level in HAC skill. Not counting HAM Spec skill, HAC 5 gives you…

Rep Fleet HAM = 3.56sec
T2 HAM = 3.67sec

HAM Spec offers an additional 2% bonus per level to the T2 mods, but not to the Faction mods. Adding that in…

Rep Fleet HAM = 3.56sec (still)
T2 HAM = 3.3sec

Now you can massage those numbers around however you like. But chances are you’re probably flying the Sac with a reasonable amount in both HAC and HAM Spec. In which case, it looks like the extra 2% is enough to make up the inherent difference in the Mods themselves.

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So the rf-launcher does get the better rof. As I previously said, I don’t know by heart if that is the case.

However I do know that some, if not most domination faction modules don’t get better attributes except for better fitting.

In case of the Sacrilege, I would fit Khanid Navy launchers on her but that just my OCD talking.

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Its not just about ROF though, the Faction launchers have a higher capacity (they hold more missiles) thus increasing the time between reloads.

Try the math when you take reloads into account?

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I made the maths a while ago and the duration to empty the clip is almost 100% the same when comparing caldari and T2. (around ±1% difference)
so CN is just plainly better than T2, except for ammo consumption.

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This. On a base Sac hull, no other mods than launchers, a full rack of CN launchers gets an extra 10dps (at all 5s with rage HAMs), 75 missiles loaded vs 66 (T2), which in pvp could mean the difference between living & being exploded.

You could do this and see the same dps as the CN launchers, you’d also have slightly more CPU free, and a bit less pwr grid free… and a lot less isk… unless you’ve got a bunch sitting around somewhere. :slight_smile:


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Hmm… I know… But the Sacrilege is a Khanid boat and it would fit sooo well, and even more if you would fit Khanid ballistic controls, Khanid Navy scram and web…sob…


There are Khanid Navy HAM Launchers for sale now in Jita, check the market. These are great for the Sacrilege, Damnation and Tengu…

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Fitting is also very important, T2 can consume up to 20% more cpu/pg than faction and meta equivalents. It can be the difference between fitting a t2 scram or undocking on a compact one.

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