New special edition ‘triglavian’ cruiser for alpha player?

To be honest ,im a fan of the triglavian ships because they look so unique compare to the other ship (well beside the mordu’s legion that look cool too)
I really want to try the triglavian ship but i dont want to be an omega account so that when i gain an idea :”what if we make an triglavian cruiser special edition for alpha player” but make what make cruiser special about it that it will not give bonus for using ‘Entropic Disintegrator‘ weapon but gain other bonus:

For the description, it a backstory of this ship as a prototype ship that fight against the triglavian by using triglavian module to create a prototype weapon ,concord confirmed that this ship was triglavian ship but remodeled with recognizable module from gallente ,minatar , amaar and caldari cruiser but it wasn’t made by the triglavian ,a ship with strange algorithms that require a capsuleer with an advance skill of hacking and high skill of ship command without skill of flying triglavian to operate it but the real question is…who made it?

I named it kynigosik (kynigos = hunter in greek )

If you ccp or eve member close relations with the dev can you show them this? ,im still happy even if they dont make it. :smile:


I don’t see why Alpha accounts deserve to have a special ship made for them. Just pay the subscription and go Omega if you want to use the new T2 Triglavian ships.


Fine. We’ll see.

Dude im make the face because i found it funny also the drawing i made it too

I don’t think he’s a troll. I think he’s a 12-14 year old that feels entitled to free stuff.

That thought occured to me as well, though nowadays post-teenagers are not unsimilar.

No im 18 , i played this game a year ago but i left it because it boring but i came back with a flesh start after like few weeks i heard a new update known as the invasion update the trailer look very cools so my idea was popped out of nowhere.

If you can not figure out the probleme here, you are the problem.


The problem is that you are not entitled to anything but you believe you are.

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You right because i believed in myself that i am so i have confident to post my drawing and my opinion to know what other people think of it and also thanks for your criticisms i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

While I can see the appeal, I agree that for now at least Triglavian ships should remain an Omega perk.

If EVE had a more robust income stream/cash shop, then I would be open to increasing the ships/options available to free players. Particularly if they had any decent microtransaction model that meant they were making at least some money off Alpha accounts.

They don’t have this, and so the selling of subs and Plex is crucial to the financial development of EVE. Alphas have enough ships to try out a lot of EVE’s content, they have Sunesis/Gnosis/Praxis if you want to fly something ‘special’, and for now that’s plenty.

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Im still fine if they added this as new ship for omega just because i want to fill empty slot for cruiser and frigate special edition.

But thanks for telling me this :slight_smile:


I like this idea, I’m an alpha player myself but I do feel that some things should be left for omegas. After all, if everyone played for free then we wouldn’t have a game :slight_smile:

I like the idea of having things to strive for :smiley:

Have a great day!


Thanks for telling :slight_smile:

Stopped reading after this half sentence.

How dare you.

What’s the idea about?

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Well if you don’t wana get omega no trig ships for you

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