Views regarding the Triglavian developments and open letter for aid in research

Hello fellow capsuleers and everyone with acces to the IGS.

This will be a long post as it covers several topics, though all are related to Abyssal space and Triglavians. I will first start with my views on all of the developments regarding abyssal space and the Triglavians. After this there is a open letter for aid in research.

Developments regarding Abyssal space and Triglavians
A lot has happend recently with the broadcast and discovery of several construction sites. It is my belief that the broadcast is a statement of intent. I believe that the Triglavians have been fighting or are even at war with the Sleepers and Sansha Nation. They are clearly considered to be enemies by the Triglavian Collective. They do not yet seem to have taken a stance on us humans and capsuleers and it seems that depending on our actions they will come to a conclusion. They certainly seem to be investigating and doing their research into us.

With regard to the construction sites, there are many theories and the majority believe that a capital class ship is being constructed at these sites. Having entered and survived the guards of several of these construction sites, I wonder if it is really a ship. Looking at what has currently been constructed I believe that it could also be a mobile base of operations. It could be something like a combination of the citadels we can build and the stations we can encounter during Sansha Incursions. The Triglavian structures could function as an anchor that provides a forward base with either logistical, fleet and/or firepower support. It is clear that there is going to be at least one huge hardpoint but what purpose this hardpoint serves is still unclear. Just looking at the Rodiva and Zarmazd, there is no visual difference between the repair function and the Vedmak’s offensive function.
Needless to say, I certainly hope they will field it against the Sansha and Sleepers only.

Open letter for aid in research
It is my goal to learn and understand as much of the Triglavian Collective technology and goals as possible. Hopefully it will enable positive relations in the future.
In order to further this goal, I am hereby asking for aid in doing this research. I have been putting almost all of my assets into collecting as much of the currently known Triglavian related objects as possible and I am nearing the completion of this collection at this point.
What I need is researchers and scientists and the needed facilities to do the research. The goal would be to further our understanding of their technology and share it with each Empire and CONCORD in order to benefit all who live within the Empires.

My current list of available items include:

  • 1 bpc of each t1 and t2 triglavian ship, including a build ship of each type
  • 1 bpc of each available ammo type, both t1 and t2 (construction of each ammo type is ongoing)
  • 1 bpc of each currently known module, both t1 and t2, including build versions of t1, named and t2 modules
  • 333 units of each trinary data 1,2 and 3 variant. Each trinary data variant is accompanied with 333 units of survey databases
  • 2 units of AFN4, AFN5, DAV 4 and DAV 5 trinary data; each accompanied by 333 units of survey databases
  • 1 unit of each currently known mutaplasmid variant, with the exception of the Unstable X-Large Ancillary Shield Booster Mutaplasmid and the Unstable Small Ancillary Armor Repairer Mutaplasmid.
  • 1 unit of each variant of Semiosis Conduction Console

I will hand over all future Semiosis Conduction Consoles that I aquire to CONCORD, once they informed where I should deliver them. All survey databases that I collect will continue to be delivered to CONCORD. Any findings from the research will be published to all of the Empires and CONCORD.

I look forward to hear from parties who wish to offer their aid for this research.




I am just a soldier, but if there’s something I could help with, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you Commander,

The offer is very much appreciated and I will contact you as soon as something comes up.



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Ms. Gunner;

I’ll contact you directly following this, but I feel it’s safe to say that our facilities are certainly open to researchers who wish to employ them. Depending on how our relationship develops, personnel and other assistance may also be in the offing.

We’ll be in touch.

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Ms. Priano,

You honor me with the offer and I look forward to further contact.

I certainly wish to build upon our current relationship and I hope that it could open the possibility of joining -ARC-.
As a sign of commitment and good faith in our current cooperating, I shall invest in the facilities and keeping it operational. I shall also keep the facilities provided with blueprints and items if needed. If you could take care of the personnel side of things, that would be a massive help.


It is with great pride that i can hereby report that I now have a complete collection of all currently known bpc’s of triglavian technology allong with triglavian ships, modules, ammunition, data and mutaplasmids.

I have completed the deployment of a Raituru class Engineering Complex called 'Abyssal and Triglavian Research". The structure will be used for research into abyssal space and the Triglavian Collective and it’s technology. The different labs are currently being setup for the different research fields. There will be seperate labs for the following fields of research:

  • Triglavian ships
  • Triglavian modules
  • Triglavian ammunition
  • Triglavian mutaplasmids
  • Triglavian data
  • Triglavian materials

Due to these fields of research, the structure has reinforced armor and additional capacitor storage. This will ensure that there is going to be enough power for running the research equipment and a stronger seperation between the labs. As an additional safety measure, the structure is deployed close to the sun. This allows for the complete destruction of the facilities and it’s content if it is needed.
In order for a quick evacuation of personnel, the undock is directly in line with other structures. This results in the shortest amount of needed time to get personnel to safety.
On an additional note, the different variants of Triglavian Data are being kept seperated from each other in audit log secure containers.

The next step is getting enough qualified personnel in order to conduct the research along with any additional equipment that might be needed. I will continue to explore abyssal space and keep the labs provided with research materials.
I will keep providing updates as events develop.

I would like to reach out to @Oveg_Drust to receive confirmation on the safe amount of trinary data to be stored in one location and where I could turn in any Semiosis Conduction Console I might recover.

(CONCORD Loyalist)

The hiring of staff is still ongoing, however additional facilities have been installed. In order to aid the research, 300 super computers have been installed in the ships, modules, ammunition, mutaplasmids and materials lab.

The datalab has had 300 Wetware Mainframe installed, allong with 300 High-Tech Scanner. This should help with going through the data that has been collected.
The amount of Triglavian Survey Database is slowly being increased for further analysis though it will stop once a total of 39,000 units of have been collected. If this amount is to high for safe storage in one locatoin, I hope @Oveg_Drust will reach out to me in order to allow the research to continue within CONCORD safety regulations.

As proof I will provide the below data with regard to the existence and content of the different laboratories:



Hello to you sir,

I’m representing the Khazad Consortium here. We are offering access to our facilities to allow you to conduct some of your experiments.

Here is what we can provide:

  • Highly specialized sensors arrays designed to study gravitational waves.
  • Access to specialised labs (biology, engineering mainly, others also available)
  • A unique location to conduct test-field experiments without endangering civilians.
  • A series of sensor arrays designed to mesure customizable variables
  • Access to the effects of a red giant, allowing for some tests impossible to do in K-space
  • And of course, our teams of scientists.

If you need anything, you can contact me or my husband, @Umbre_Fallenstar or join us in our public channel ( Khazad Consortium - Public Channel ).

I hope that we can be of help.

In any case, good luck with your researches.


Sevala Fallenstars

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As majority shareholder I have directed my CEO and her R&D staff to pursue Triglavian technology research as a highest priority. I have dedicated our research facility in Empire to this pursuit, and arranged for parallel operations in an allied wormhole facility for redundancy.

While we clearly lag behind in this research at this time we hope that we can independently confirm findings as we go.

Board Director, Ascendant Technologies Interstellar

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