Where Do Triglavian's Come From?

Without a body being found to house the soul and guts of the living Triglavian like we humans have, the only place that the Triglavians could have come from would be from the other side of the Big Bang. But what exists on the other side of the Big Bang? We can theoretically state that what is on the other side of the Big Bang is the same space-time that exists around New Eden.

The cold and lifeless depths of a crushing Hell, much like the Hell that we see and feel in an Abyssal Site. Small pockets of resources of resources exist an Abyssal site that is surrounded by what we perceive as crushing gravity. But in essence the area surrounding an Abyssal site is not crushing gravity, its an area that is without gravity that keeps our elements, atoms and molecules together. An environment that existed before the Big Bang and still exists, where time functions a lot faster. The Big Bang slowed time down in our Universe that allowed the elements to exist at slower speeds. In the space around New Eden, time and space loops on itself constantly, making interactions between atoms last less than even a millisecond of a second. With atoms colliding together very fast, there isn’t any time for other reactions to take place.

The Triglavians would have been something akin to a bridge between the energy of thought in a formless shape that existed in this space right before the Big Bang and slightly afterwards, thoughts existing but thoughts not really knowing what was happening. But when the Big Bang happened some of their essence was pulled into New Eden, while the rest of it stayed in Void Space. Over time both essences merged into a life form that could occupy Void Space and K-Space while humans could only ever occupy K-Space.

Are humans an offshoot of Triglavians? No one really knows. To say that humans are the kin of the Triglavians would make some fall to the ground before them as Gods while others would rebuke them as abominations.

The New Eden galaxy is constantly expanding outwards as the Universe itself expands outwards. Just on the edge of the Universe where time and space collide together at the speed of infinity and the speed of light is where the Triglavian live. They live on islands of rock created in the rift between Heaven and Hell, their suns are created in a moment when infinity is torn into two halves to create the singularity.One half, made of the power of the black hole, Void Space that has merged with the other half of atoms functioning at light speed velocities, both pulling on each other for billions of years at a time. They have no form, yet they take the shape of humans, most likely to better infiltrate New Eden as they attempt to leave to their Hell and turn New Eden into their own.

Triglavians might not be able to survive in our Universe though. Therefore they would need a link, a shell of sorts, a Void Space Clone, that is not to much different than a New Eden clone. I can just imagine their great cities of form less souls made of Pre-Big Bang thought and energy-in-the-moment trying to fold across the bridge between Void and K-Space. Trying to fold their formless souls into shape as they send their machines of war into New Eden to conquer New Eden to replace humanity with something has existed for billions of years in between places, trapped until now, without the ability to be more than energy and time looping back on itself, able to occupy all of their space at any time, but never fully be able to occupy what they desire most and want to take from us. The ability of humans in New Eden to hold the hand of another and say “I have feeling.” The reason of humans in New Eden to lock arms in defiance of those who are, From Beyond the Void, and relish nothing more than returning our souls to a construct of formless energy controlled by the Devil himself.

Triglavians are human. They come from New Eden from which they fled into Abyssal Deadspace during the Second Jove Empire.

There’s no mystery here.



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I’m thinking that Raznaborg might be half organic and half machine that is designed to a preform a specific function within the network of the Triglavians, maybe higher processing operations that provide overall better performance to the Trigalvians network as a whole.

Raznaborg would be similar to the hinges on a door, with the hinges a person would have to walk around the with the door, with the door the hinges would sit on the ground, not doing anything.

But when you put them together, you have five function functions combined together, the door, the door knob, the door latch, the hinges and the wall, all coming together at different angles that creates a rift between the door and frame that would never have existed without the hinge.

So in this case the Raznaborg appears to be a hinge element that is the apex of some function that bind two functions of the Triglavian forces together in their small and rectangular rift.

Why so much speculation on stuff that has already been explained to some degree?


A quick google proves most of this speculation wrong.


I suggest you read a dictionary Brun Warbear.

Borg - A race of cybernetically enhanced beings. When the word ‘borg’ is part of any word that word will have context of being part organic and part cybernetic machine.

Razna Could be based on a Maltese definition; Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes.

Therefore a Raznaborg would be a Triglavian cybernetic lifeform who records human interactions to create human memories within the Triglavian mainframe of logic and machine learning that are computer aligned but are less likely to be mistakes like the memories of the Triglavian human counterparts.

Basically a Raznaborg would be a data collector, more so collecting data regarding the memories of Capsuleers that are have been captured or the memories that have been extracted from Capsuleer Clones within the ten minute window that the brain of the clone remain actives after a Capsuleer death that spewed the Capsuleers corpse all over the solar system.

Once the memories have been collected, the Raznaborg would allocate sectors in its own memory core to be replaced with the memories of the Capsuleer. What are the Triglavians looking for? My guess would be that the Triglavians are looking are contextual memories based on linguistic associations that represent someone or a group of people that they are looking for. Basically memories patterns stored in the brains of the Raznaborg would be used like a net while socially interacting with humans. When a key word is spoken in a Capsuleer social setting, the words are compiled together to see if the words match a particular memory. If the words match, the Capsuleer is tracked down and killed and their memories taken that are then added to the Raznaborg as they continue their search for a person or a group of people.

Maybe that person that they are looking for is God to answer questions that the Triglavians have about their existence or perhaps their quest is for the central figures of all four Empires. Killing the Houses of each Empire, the Raznaborgs then incorporate the memories of the dead leadership that would then give them the ability to control each Empire, either for their search for their God or total domination over the Capsuleers by giving Capsuleers the ability to live for infinity inside of the cybernetic pathways of the Raznaborg.

Or basically, a computer simulation inside of the Raznaborg that keeps the Capsuleer locked into an eternal abyss that the Capsuleer perceives as real while the Raznaborg siphons off chemical energy from the memory of the Capsuleers stored in their cybernetic matrix. Eventually when the memories of the Capsuleer do not provide the path that the Raznaborg needs to complete it’s mission, the memory is wiped, thus permanently removing the memory of Capsuleer or its life that the Raznaborg has created in a sector of its own brain.


So you want me to read two dictionaries to tenuously explain something about a culture that uses neither language? LOL.

Do you have anything else to base your wild speculation on?

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Maby trigs was living somewher in Amar space (Kador, Domain, Tash Murkon)long long ago and thets why Amariens have triangels in they lore

Reading and Comprehension are not anywhere close to being strong skills in your vocabulary are they?

I suggest you go back to playing “Pull-the-Wooden-Rock-By-the-String.” Because thinking is not your strong suit, actually there is nothing, no critical, no thinking or skilled processes taking place in your highlight, copy and paste based skill set.

A vocabulary does not contain skills. Nor is a vocabulary a skill. I know you think you sound clever and you think these dismissive ad hominem attacks are terribly witty and show off your intelligence and well… actually you’re right, they do show off your intelligence. It’s lacking.

You’re the one that clearly needs a dictionary.

Vocabulary is apparently not in your vocabulary. Which is a really entertaining and somewhat ironic error. Also you don’t seem to understand what a skill is.

Anyway. Laughs aside, you clearly have no basis for your above diatribe and haven’t even read the available lore on which you could have chosen to speculate. Nor have you been able to defend the logical failure of trying to use a composite of two real world languages to explain a third, imaginary language (that’s based broadly on Russian and European Cyrillic phonemes, just for your information).

But you do you. Have a great day.

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Also if you’d read and comprehended the available lore (reading and comprehension are in fact in my vocabulary. This is the correct use) then you’d know that the Triglavians do not use drones. They don’t have cybernetic lifeforms or independent artificial intelligence.

You should read the stuff about their alliance with the Rogue Drones.

Has anyone ever seen a Triglavian?

I really don’t care about your common place and social engineering attempts to make people conform to what you yourself are hooked into. I’m certain that you see a word and are only able to associate within the realm of a thought of what popular is. You cannot think for yourself and as such I would suspect that you are in fact a Triglavian sympathizer who has fallen before your new masters feet, which is typical of the non-thining construct of the lower echelon of Triglavian builds.

I never said that Triglavians are drones or use drones. A drone is not a cybernetic lifeform as it needs input and commands from a central source to complete a function. A cybernetic lifeform however does have the ability to adapt to changes in its environment, unlike you, the typical Lower Echelon Triglavian Capsuleer Build.

Your attempts at dissuading Capsuleers from investigating anything deeper in the construct of the Abyss and Triglavian language along with the fact that you have never flown with an EDENCOM Fleet in defense of High Sec as well as flying that rat trap of Triglavian battleship does prove that, and not withstanding your attempts to mitigate any knowledge of the Triglavians have allowed to Capsuleers to read does prove without a doubt that the Triglavians are cybernetic based.

Only cybernetic life and their pets would regulate thinking to a cybernetic algorithm, such as yourself.

Your name has been spread among the EDENCOM fleets as a traitor and Triglavian Sym(pathizer).

You are nothing more than a bot hiding in the clone of a Capsuleer.

Investigating requires observation of available evidence. Something you’re clearly incapable of. Most of the information I’ve indicated so far came from Concord, Edencom, or Triglavian wrecks. I was also closing conduits immediately before making my last reply. Again. You do you. But you’ve added liar to your list of personality traits.

Still all you have is speculation. You haven’t investigated a damn thing, you’ve tried to fill imaginary gaps without first learning whether the gaps are really there at all. You’re projecting your imagination. You haven’t furthered knowledge.

This is word salad.

And all you have done is post a link to what you call “no such imagination” the inability to form an idea as you can only repeat what has been discovered. You detest any real imagination because lack the processes to formulate any imagination that what has been given you.

Basically a bot who can only process an input and then ticker tape the same output over and over again.

Raznaborg or in fact cybernetic entities, so I would take your “seeing is believing” shovel, go dig yourself a Triangle hole, and stuff yourself in it where you’ll be safe from having to think.

Remember the ticker tape goes in through one ear, you hear with the other what they want you to believe and the same result, for you, tickers out of your Triglavian mouth.

I only need to repeat it because you can’t understand it, or account for it. Again you just resort to lies.

Brun, you are a Bot. You can’t apply any factor of intelligence because your Triglavian masters did not incorporate Adaptive and Cognitive Learning Mechanics into your programming.
All you are able to do is read what they input into your tiny little processor. Your programming has a ‘surface issue’ flaw error in line 98467.987-12, meaning. that if you encounter anything different then what you have been given, then your processing core returns the output of the data being a ‘lie.’

Now why would the Triglavians use the word ‘borg’ in designating one their ships or classes of people operating those ships?

Do you ever see a Raznaborg operated auto-mining station?

Explain to everyone, Bot, what the word borg entails as being part of the word Razna.

Again just repeating the same unimaginative lies.

Do you have anything other than dishonesty to bring to the discussion?

Oh and the Triglavian word “raznaborg” still has no relevance to two other words in a different language. It’s frankly shocking that you can’t understand that.

Given the limited number of human phonemes, it’s possible for words in different languages to reuse syllables without being the same word. And it makes little sense to composite two words from different languages into a word in a third language.

It does happen (for example “polyamory” is a composite of Greek and Latin used in English) but it’s rare and based on ignorance. A linguistic error the Triglavians are unlikely to have repeated. Especially having been isolated from New Eden languages for millennia, and using a completely different written language.

So you’re getting your panties in a massive bunch, telling lies, and being defensive because your “analysis” is just garbage.

You do know there are humans in those Raznaborg vessels, right? As proven with the Triglavian encounters with the Sanshas.

But of course you’re so caught up in your overly simplistic and childish misunderstanding of basic homonyms that you’re ignoring all information that could possibly challenge the theory you’re so inappropriately proud of.

Nothing more than word salad.

You do know there are humans in those Raznaborg vessels, right? As proven with the Triglavian encounters with the Sanchas.

Sansha is spelled with an s and not with a c by the way.

The Raznaborg must be a cyberntic lifeform. As to date there has never been a Capsuleer expedition mission that has set down on any objects inside of the Abyss to collect samples that would link any of the elements in the samples as being able to be used to grow organic based food such as corn or wheat or barley that New Eden based human life form has consumed, in many varieties for thousands of years. If an expedition did return soil samples from within the Abyss that were favorable for growing organic crops, then we could say that the Triglavians could be similar to humans and might even eat some of the same foods that are eaten in New Eden.

Not a single gram of any organic material has ever been found in the Abyss or in a destroyed Triglavian wreck that would suggest Triglavians consume organic material of any kind.

We have not seen any attempts by the Triglavians to capture habitable planets for the land to grow crops and raise live stock on, like an omnivore needs to raise and harvest in order to survive.

We have not seen any type of hydration fluids being used by the Triglavians either. Fluids such as water.

But what we have seen recently is the Triglavians converting stars in New Eden into a very specific class of star that outputs a very specific frequency of light and energy that must be the source of the Triglavians nutrients.

With solar energy being the only known source of nutrients and energy that the Triglavians appear to be interested in can only mean that the Triglavians are an energy based lifeform that could have acquired technology from Sansha’s Nation to grow skin over their energy based physiological form.

The OP has displayed mental instability a number of times, culminating in a thread about seeing Jessica Alba in some cosmic nebula and claiming she’s a space princess or such. So you’re trying to converse with a crazy person.


Until an expedition has been mounted to gather and analyze the nutrients of the Triglavians being more than radiation created by their Blue Stars, then they are by no means human.