Triglavian Children

I am wondering where the Triglavian children live.
I am presuming they are more ‘human’ than Drifters, seeming to have more social interaction between the clades. I see a more political structure to the culture and would presume they followed tribal norms. This being the case you would expect, to some extent, a family structure and some form of replication via biological means (perhaps grown or natural reproduction). As opposed to stealing corpses to make new bodies for minds to live in.
Presuming this then I would expect to see some form of biomass capable planets, most certainly containing water, in large quantities for life to be sustained by the Triglavians. In fact, looking at the numbers of Triglavians I would expect gateways to at least some new constellations we currently don’t know about, perhaps we will one day.
Has anyone thought about where this Shangri-La may be?

Thanks but I don’t know if that directly contributes to the question at hand. From the little we know of the Triglavians, do we think they live within this cluster hidden from our view? They seem human and so presumably 60% water. The chemistry of human life would thrive on temperate planets and as a species they would tend to seek out these planets naturally. I am presuming based on what we know they have found such a place and that the Abyss is completely separated from their Shangri-La. They have used the Abyss as a honey pot to test us. They are now proving us beyond this testing ground, masking their true identity. They seek to remove the threat of the Drifters who came so close to discovering their real home worlds. Worlds that are so far, protected and where their children play unhindered and unmasked.

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