Triglavian Theory

Investigating Abyssal site after Abyssal site I have come to a conclusion. No matter which Abyssal site you venture into there are three dungeons and some times a training dungeon. Three and no more or no less, each dungeon a part of the whole. But with the Triglavian having such a small locality in which they train or lay ambushes in there must be something, something in the depths of Triglavian space that they shield their small niches from. Are they looking for some ancient weapon long lost in the Void or are they running from something that has consumed their Universe?

Most if not all places in New Eden have been discovered, and what has not been found in modern times has already been found and processed and re-processed. The Triglavians cannot be of New Eden, regardless of the common lore that is told about them. Could the Triglavians be the manifestation of the Void itself, repute in the light of New Eden as pollution, the gavel of an ancient force that had forbid the Light of Creation coming into the Universe?

I read some ancient Earth tales written on waxy parchment about a force, a sense or entity of the deeps that was as old as the Universe itself. It had come into the world the same time that Creation had brought life to the Void. Creation and the Void, the oldest story of conflict told across infinity, had brought the sense into the world through their conflict of enigma proportions.

"…as Creation and the Void fought for control, returning light to shadow and turning shadow into day, the sense, not having been born of either, came into the world. The sense had been there for far longer than even Creation and the Void had been. Among the very fabric of space and time itself had the sense resided, space and time that is outside of Creation and the Void that needed neither to exist. "

The parchment was only a few paragraphs long but at the end there was a myth.

“My hands, but of shadow and dust, like washing cold running water over my face. All around me and now they have come for it. The Fruit of the Forbidden in my garden. The Revenant Awakening.”

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