The Triglavians

So I was looking through the archives of eve traveller today trying to find information on a specific site that I can’t rememeber the name or location of, so I’ve been going back glancing over entries one by one. As I was doing this I skimmed past an article on a specific archaeology site, the name peaking my interest slightly, when a hotlinked word sprung out at me. Sleepers. I breifly read the paragraph that claimed, according to his knowledge, " the record is fairly clear that there was, in fact, a generation of four empires that were roughly analogous spatially to the modern empires. The [Takhmal] roughly correspond to the modern day Amarr empire. The [Sleepers]), of wormhole fame, originally inhabited Minmatar space before moving on to Anoikis. The [Talocan] once ruled an area roughly analogous to the modern day Caldari State. And finally, the [Yan Jung] originally settled within modern day Gallente space."

The site in question was the Yan Jung Relic site. What stopped me in my tracks was this image:

These look remarkably like Triglavian singularities at the centre of their ships. Granted they look like solid matter but perhaps there’s some sort of solid matter at the centre of the singularity on the Triglavian ships? These objects have a similar aura/glow.

Could the Triglavians be a lost Yan Jung expedition? Could Anoikis really be an echo of the past like some have suggested (sure this is commonly accepted as debunct, and I’m not a personal believer in it, but the fact it looks different to our current New Eden [which seems to be the main reason why time travel has been dismissed] actually means very little as the stars do move and they have had centuries, milenia or longer to drift to their current configuration)? My interest has certainly been caught by this.

The object looks more like a PEG. There are oddities at some archaeological sites that maybe share some similarities with the Triglavian Singularities. They are more like broken rifts and a singularity is a related phenomena.
We don’t know enough about the Yan Jung. Their civilization appears to have been short-lived and ran out of resources quickly. It is possible they migrated to other systems but I get the impression they did not have the tech to become the Triglavians. The Takmahl are not really ancient; they are an offshoot of the Amarr and quite probably developed their technology by studying Talocan artifacts.

It seems to me that this is a decoration that happens in missions:

nice… nice…

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