Triglavians are Jovian

We know from some of the chronicles that the old 2nd empire jovians settled in Anoikis however one of the last 3rd empire jove,Veniel gives us a wealth of information altho incomplete as it may be.

Anoikis was created by the Talocan an ancient race whose achievements dwarf anything the jovians accomplished as a race.The Talocan had presence within Anoikis before the jovians who we call Sleepers arrived but we don’t know if the 2 groups coexisted for some time or at the arrival of the Sleepers the Talocan had already moved on.

My supposition is that the Talocan departed Anoikis before the Sleepers arrived.

Acording to Veniel during the jovians expeditions within Anoikis it was discovered alot of Sleeper pods were missing.

It’s quite likely the jovians within Anoikis started feeling the effects of the jovian disease and internal strife may have started to form.

We can bet they were examining both old Talocan outposts left behind and ships.

What if the disease caused a rupture in the Sleepers unity some deciding to avoid the disease by going into cryogenic sleep and leave behind advanced drones to guard them in Anoikis while others went on a path following the Talocan trail which led them to what we call as abyssal deadspace.

The old Talocan instalations and ships in Anoikis have sockets which could house engines very similar to the ones used by triglavian ships.
It’s likely upon arriving in abyssal deadspace the splinter Sleepers adopted the technology and made it their own.
We know now thanks to some intrepid capsuleer analysis that abyssal space has enough individual systems to house a civilisation,these too could possibly have been modified by the Talocan to suit their needs similar to wormhole effects in Anoikis.

We could also safely deduce the Talocan departed abyssal space or simply died out as given their technological advancement if triglavians were true Talocan we’d be no match for them.

Now for the ‘could we capsuleers fight jovians’ debacle.

The only large scale jovian battle was at Vak’Atioth despite the impression it made on the other 4 empires we can make a clear assessment against capsuleer capabilities.

The amarr fleet during that fight was a sorry excuse for a combat force lacking clear communication and coordination while the jovians had both.Furthermore their ships efficiency was affected by the lack of capsule technology. Despite their antiquated ships and lack of communication coordination and capsule tech by the end of the battle the amarr had destroyed one third of the jovian ships.Now if we are to introduce a similar battle against capsuleers it’s likely the jovians could lose quite badly given modern capsuleer combat prowess and coordination.So yes we could fight jovians quite fine it would be hard but not impossible.

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As for the Drifters attacks within abyssal space it’s clearly an old feud we got here if the Drifters are actually controlled by Sleepers if they are sentient infomorphs tho their motives may vary from wanting to acquire more new advanced tech off the triglavians all the way to possibly constructing better bodies using mutaplasmids or seeking isogen-10 for other nefarious plans.

If these theories somehow hold true why do the Talocan kept engineering new regions of space and most important why depart them.What were they actually seeking?

Given that we’ve already been hinted to the fact the triglavians are ancient,their ships allow for capsule technology integration and the Drifters have a feud with them I feel my theory is not too far fetched

You mean the prowess of those capsuleers whose fleets fall in disarray as soon as their one or two fleet commanders were destroyed? Or those capsuleers who cannot even scout properly or provide proper warp-ins and warp-outs for their fleet although the fleet commanders ask them multiple times? And you mean those capsuleers who still keep losing ships against an ever increasing and recently spiking hostility and power of pirate and empire fleets?

If anything, capsuleers are just as bad at communicating and organizing as the Amarr fleet was back then in Atioth.

I was referring to somewhat experienced capsuleers besides the battle for atioth highlights some jovian fails too.At the start the jovians kept their ships stationary which allowed the amarrians to blow one up instantly. Failures happen but I have seen perfectly executed and coordinated capsuleer fleets alot of times

They were migrant culture. I think Talocans kept detailed memories and knowledge of earth and past. That is why they were more advanced. I think they were trying to find road back to Earth.

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Maybe trying to engineer the conditions to recreate a second eve gate that would be stable?They could’ve well known you need x amount of systems with this effect and so on

Or perhaps the effects in Anoikis and abyssal space are the results of failed experiment to recreate it leaving behind these odd effects we see today.

They had to have known there were survivors on many planets just not space capable back in the early days so instead of causing potentialy more death through their experiments they went elsewhere.
This would show alot of foresight for their part aswel as benevolence. However an interesting aspect is how could a migrant culture such as theirs simply pack up and move on without having to abandon assets and regress technologically once such assets deteriorated

As for Trig culture, its somewhat different to Talocan, but their fundamental technologies seem to have these spheres common with Talocans, so I would say they splintered. I would say Triglavians were a group of Talocans that revolted against further search and refused to go with the rest, staying in Abyss. Abyss influenced further their culture, that is why they are different to Talocans, but somewhat similar technology.

Their technology can be inferior to Talocan because of the type of people who revolted and scale of revolution. These could have been low class, proletariat.

But they are too regressed technologically to be Talocan also the abyssal space pockets are literally infinitesimal in comparison to Anoikis.

Likely the tech to make the pockets and the ships is reverse engineered from Talocan tech but not truly Talocan in itself.

Would the race that created so much resort to hide away in an inhospitable environment forced to wear bioadaptive suits to survive?

I dont think what we see in Abyss as environment is where majority of Triglavians live. Its more like a frontline in a war. As for technology, group could have been capable of only that as a result of split of only a small group from larger entity, where in larger entity there were more specialised other groups.

Either case the SOCT doesn’t seem too worried about them seeing as they were the ones encouraging Concord to allow us to explore abyssal space.

It’s highly likely they know who the triglavians are,also loss of life on the triglavian side doesn’t seem to be considered an issue else they would’ve sent SOCT ships inside to establish peaceful contact instead of independent capsuleers

So it’s quite likely they are capsuleers and therefore any ships destroyed become a matter of asset destruction than actual lost lives

Are the Triglavians Jove? Probably but I think there is a simpler explanation than yours.

Check the description of the Detorid Region.

This unassuming region is home to what have become termed dead storms, a phenomenon thus far not found anywhere else

Detorid once marked the edge of the Jove Empire

Current theory points to the storms being tears in the fabric of space

My guess is that some Jove 2nd empire enclaves either found a way to navigate through these tears in the fabric of space or got sucked through them into Abyssal space.


They have about 200 systems in their domain calling it ‘some jove got lost in space’ is too easy


Occam’s razor …?

Good catch, and I think as valid theory as any.

You’re slighty wrong there. The Amarr Empire fleet was actually winning (even if their ships were exploding faster than the Jove) during the fight; when the Jove brought forth their Motherships, that is when the battle was turned. The Amarr Empire didn’t have a counter to that, and the tactic of Death before Dishonour meant that any ships that tried to flee were either destroyed by the Empire there, or, upon returning to Empire Space, blown up for cowardice.

(Amarrian Officer with enslaved-Jovian crewman)

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Theres only 1 Abyssal system. Compare screenshots. You enter from different points.

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