Are triglavians the descendants of Talocan?

I’ve only been getting into lore recently, but from reading about caroline’s star, for example, I am beginning to think that the Talocan may have been able to create and wall off some wormhole space that later became abyssal space we know of now.
Is this explored, and if so could anyone point me in the right direction please?

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Triglavians are most likely from the second Jovian Empire, since they’re familiar with the Drifters and their behavior is very similar to the Jovian Modifiers. If they were Talocans this would be a much different fight, because even though Triglavians are the most advanced thing we’ve seen short of the Drifters the Talocan empire seemed to be able to bend the very fabric of reality itself. We are to the Jove what the Jove are to the Talocans.


They don’t seem to suffer from the jovian disease though, so maybe they split off before the fateful genetic engineering.
Or, and I need to see if there’s any information on this, they could be the cured jovians from the mother ships?
I’m going to be engaging in a lot of exploration over the next few weeks. Especially into the unidentified wormholes that pop up with jovian observatories.

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They’re second empire, so they split off from the Jove before they started trying to alter their core instincts and triggered the Jovian disease in full.

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Triglavians were contemporary with the second empire, but I don’t believe it was established they were part of it. In contrast, I do believe the Drifters have been established as survivors from the Second Empire.

The fact we got some completely new, made up on the spot “Triglavians” and not Talocan was not entirely “whoohoo!”

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Are we absolutely sure they’re from the same time period of the second empire, and not a resurgence during the second empire, as they are resurging now?
They seem to have some pretty decent space-time technology, and frequently reference now-time as if they are able to travel through time non-linear.
From what I’ve read about the talocan, they were cutting edge in space-time.
Abyssals aren’t exactly wormholes, but it is similar. Just more dangerous.

The drifters come from second empire, so wouldn’t have the same advancement as talocan, so they’re limited to wormhole technology.

Both are more advanced than us, but triglavians seem even more so than drifters and sleepers.

There was a Dude™ who had carefully laid out all the timelines, but I have been away for a while and can’t remember the name (which isn’t fair, the guy did a heck of a lot of work). The Triglavians talked a lot about a war they were having with another ancient faction, and that other ancient faction seemed very likely to be the Jove.

It is entirely possible the Triglavians are also an original faction, and that they went away and came back during the Second Empire (which I think is basically what you are saying). The Triglavians explicitly don’t like the Tyrants, who are the Drifters (and a Second Empire faction), but that dislike may only have been “tacked on” to not liking the Jove the first time around.

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I dont think there is any cultural evidence (from what we can deduct from the available society and design data) that can point to them being descendants of Talocan or Jove.

They feel like completely new faction. Faction that could have had some experience with Jove empire, but not being part of them.

First I thought about Talocan being somewhat fitting, but the ships and structures are not similar.

It may be just an amalgamation of different less known 3 expatriate factions who were dwelling in some disconnected systems after EVE gate collapsed, and they completely destroyed environmentally these systems.

If the Talocans in wormholes had met the Jove, Triglavians might have met them too, but it might have been on two separate places and occasions, with two separate cultures.

from what I remember the Triglavian trinary datastreams contain records of Second empire Jove but I think it is a stretch to suggest a link between them and the Jove or Talocan, if there is any relation between them and the Jove it could possibly be a faction from around or before the first empire, whose Jove were genetically so far removed from the current Jove, I feel the Talocan to be unlikely while the Triglavians have advanced tech enough for stellar manipulation and harnessing singularities as well as use of abyssal deadspace, the Talocan are a type-omega minus civilization able to manipulate the very fabric of space time if this tech was available to the triglavians their would not of been a conflict with edencom , since edencom wouldn’t of stood a chance it wouldn’t even come down to ship battles when you can just wormhole their shipyards and planets wherever/whenever you like, as for how there refer to time I think that is more an idiom of their speech in general.

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They wouldn’t necessarily have the same level of technology as when they built those dyson spheres.
A lot of time has passed, their civilization has probably had some issues, and for sure has changed from their roots.
The abyssal space is volatile and requires advancements and evolution that probably took a toll on the entire civilization.
Whether they’re first or second empire jove, they’ve for sure changed from their origins. I look forward to more lore coming out about all this.

Uriel was the person I failed to give credit earlier. Here is a YouTube video by Ashterothi discussing the Triglavians with him. Warning: it’s an 1 hr 46 minutes long :sweat_smile::



There are thee main theories

  1. The Triglavian are somehow related to the Talocan, as perhaps the Talocan fled to the abyss

  2. The Triglavians are related to the Second Jovian Empire, possibly related to the Modifiers class. Some say they could be the Enheduanni

  3. The Triglavians are part of some other group that we do not know about, but was a contemporary of both the first and second Jovian Empire.

It is worth noting that the Triglavians seem to have records of both the first and second empire, and once had a Satalite society in conjuction with the Jovians. Something went wrong with this relationship which required extensive integrety checking and purging. This is found in their records about Sansha, whome they compare to this group. This is why some including myself believe the Trig are quite likely the Talocan, or something similar. However, IIRC there are some who claim that CCP has said that the Triglavians are not from a known group, which could eliminate the Talocan as an option, but this piece of information could have been very misleading.

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Uriel’s analysis of Triglavian lore is about ten times longer than the lore itself and can be found here: