Races of EVE

how many different races other than capsuleers are out there in the EVE universe ?

rogue drones

anything else ? can u elaborate a bit on each of them ? explain their connections. are they evil/friendly to us capsuleers and why?

also how many playable ship factions are there except for 4 main ones (gallente, amarr, minmatar, caldari) ?

Triglavian ships are new
What about drifter ships ? are any of them playable? they look so sleek
Anything else beside them ?

This is an interesting topic because we really don’t know a lot. There’s plenty of precursor technology around New Eden, like the Takmahl in Amarr space, who may be the predecessors of the Sani Sabik cult of the Blood Raiders.
In Gallente space there is Yan Jung technology, who were probably somewhat similar to the Caldari in their use of graviton technology. It is interesting to note that the Caldari also originated from Gallente space with the old capital in the same system as Gallente Prime.
Meanwhile Minmatar space has sleeper tech, with the ruins of the second Jove empire being just nearby in Curse. The Angel cartel likely use old Jove tech in their strange designs, explaining the similarly curved appearance of angel ships to Jovian/SoCT ships.
Caldari space has Talocan ruins, which are also found in wormhole space scattered around, especially in shattered holes and Thera, with the implication that the Talocan and sleepers may have fought. I theorize that, since capsuleers can interface easily with Triglavian tech as it says in the descriptions of their ships, Triglavian technology may be reverse engineered Talocan technology like our T3 ships, which are a hybrid of Talocan designs with empire designs, made from mostly sleeper materials. This is especially interesting since the Triglavians refer to the Drifters/Sleeper as their “ancient enemy azdaja”.
Currently we can’t actually get a hold of any drifter ships, but there’s always the future with the introduction of the precursor skills. I would love to explore whatever remains of the Jove empire (if anything remains) following the stargate network collapse.

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The jovians we knew were part of a 3rd jove empire they are now considered extinct they passed their role to the society of concious thought .
Sleepers are allied to the drifters it is believed the drifters are controlled by an evil sentient AI
Triglavians are allied/control a number of rogue drones within abyssal space rogue drones outside abyss don’t show loyalty to anyone and are sentient AI drones that escaped after failed experiments by the gallente.
Triglavians and drifters hate each other and are at war and been hating each other for a long time it seems.
Across new eden there’s various other factions like the 5 criminal organizations Sisters of eve mordus legion ORE they all have ships with specific styles for their faction and have been part of past events when needed

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I think the question is a little more complicated. if you are going with “race” as being defined as seperate cultures, then there are an absolute ■■■■-ton of them. 3 for each of the 4 playable factions, + all the pirate factions + splinter groups + jovians + precursors etc etc etc.

if we look at it from a more biological perspective much of the pre-eve gate lore isn’t available as IG knowledge afaik, at least so far as all current races being descended from the humans who came through the eve gate.
but it can at least be said that the 4 main empire factions at least are still genetically similar enough to all count as homo sapiens. now, where that dividing line can be drawn gets a little trickier. we know that the jove are also descended from humans (as are the takmahal and all the other precursor races) but with the jovians being REALLY keen on the whole genetic engineering thing, I think it could be argued quite convincingly that they stopped truly being human quite some time ago.

if the same holds true for the other precursor races, I don’t think we will ever really know for certain.

The sleepers are drifters are jovian offshoots, so i think they could be considered as cultural subsets of the “jovian race” as it where.

Rogue drones are artificial life-forms that have gained some limited form of sentience, if they should be considered a seperate race i guess depends on your stance on sentient AI.

Triglavians are new, and so we don’t really know where they fit into the whole story, I think the current theory is that they may be a jovian offshoot as well, but its possible that they come from one of the other precursor factions. its also possible that even if they are descended from jove that they have developed so radically differently in the intervening years that they may be considered “different enough” much like jove are “different enough” from base human to warrant their own category.
It does seem likely that they are, in some degree or another human descendants however, since up until now we haven’t had anything “actually” alien. and it would be odd for them to change that stance now.

Well except for the long-limbed roe, which I believe in one chronicle was stated to have at least some form of sentience, so we do have 1 alien race… we just use them as exotic pets and trade goods.

so at this point I’d be willing to say there are
Humans (and their assorted cultures)
Jovians (and their assorted cultures)
Precursors (maybe?)
Rogue drones (maybe? if you consider AI a race)
Triglavians (Maybe? we don’t know enough yet to say for certain)
Long-limbed Roe, and maybe feedoo’s.

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