Eve races

how many different races other than humans (capsuleers) are out there in the EVE universe ?


anything else ? can u elaborate a bit on each of them ?

All human

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The Drifters are a branch of the Jove Empire
And the Jove are of human origin.

The Trigs, Im still not sure about

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Perhaps rogue drones would count? :thinking:

I assume OP confuses race with species. No alien species in New Eden (at least AFAIK) but there are plenty of races which all are of human (species) origin.

Or at least the sentient ones could be considered as such.

But the Fedos are alien

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There is no sentient non-Human life except Rogue Drones technically in New Eden.

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alright then, whats the difference between jovians and drifters ? who are they exactly ?

and what are triglavians ?

also rogue drones, what can u say about them ?

Drifters are speculated to be Jove, Trigs we have no clue really beyond that they’re human

Every race in the game is, at base, human - the idea of EVE is humanity - human conflict, human progress, human interaction.

The Jove were humans who messed with their own DNA and flew too close to the proverbial sun, irreparably damaging themselves in the end in the form of the Jove disease.

The Sleepers are a subfaction of Jove that left New Eden to hide in Anoikis at the end of the Second Jove Empire - also human, they live(d) in what’s essentially the matrix, a VR construct world.

The Drifters are either Sleeper infomorphs or an emergent AI spontaneously brought into existence in the Sleeper VR Construct (think Tron: Legacy), inhabiting bodies they’ve modified to contain them and attach to their ships.

Triglavians are human in origin as well, one of the ancient groups of New Eden - my personal bet is that they’re the remnants/descendants of the “Enheduanni”, a subfaction of the Jove whose ideals clashed with the very existence of the emergent AI in the Sleeper construct, making sense of the Drifters’ violent clashing with them.

Rogue drones are completely AI-based, probably placing them farthest from humanity - however, they’re still a product of mankind’s taking things too far, a very common and not at all unrealistic trope.


So there are jovians, drifters, sleepers, troglavs, rogue drones. Anything else ? Want to read wiki on them. I need to know eve lore better

There is only one race. Earthlings.

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How about Sleepers?

The Sleepers are (or were?) a presumably extinct human race which lived thousands of years before the playable EVE races.

Check out the link

Ron Jeremy is an alien.

Sleepers are 2nd Empire Jove. The big remaining mystery about them, if I recall correctly, is how their presence relates to the Shrouded Days. As in, are they a result or a cause of that missing time in Jove history.

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The first contact with an unknown race. Occurred in Y.C. 19.05.88 under the name Operation Spectrum Breach. Gallent Federation collided with an unknown virus that turns Drones into insane machines. This happened before the first prototype of The Orphyx was realized.

All about “Operation” and “Prototype” (Warning: Russian version)

if I remember correctly there was one chronicle that speculated long limbed roe may have some level of sentience. but if so it would be on the level of say a dolphin or an octopus. as far as sentient aliens that is the closest we have though.

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