Drifters, Triglavs and Rogue Drones as potential allies/contractors

i havent delved into abyssal deadspace yet but noticed that now those groups have their own faction and corp along with standing. so this left me thinking.

do you think we will ever be able to interact with them in a positive manner? much like how we can align with the pirate factions. the Jove are disconnected and they are more or less “dead” lorewise but Drifter and Triglavs along with Rogue Drones are pretty active atm.

they dont have stations yet but perhaps they could have agents in space that distribute rewards or something. in the case that its not feasible to make structures for their corps.

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Ccp ABANDONED and gave up on the Drifter lore years ago.

Another undeveloped, forgotten waste of content t

@Arya_Alderian Harh.

If you think this, you haven’t been paying attention.

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What possible reason would the Triglavians have to establish diplomatic relations with capsuleers, or the Empires in general? We’re invading their spaces and taking their stuff, on an enormous scale.

What happened the last time the Empires and capsuleers did this? The Sleepers… awakened. (Some of them, at least.) And now we have Drifters, whose preferred method of diplomacy involves ganking and podding anyone who has ever wronged them and taking their corpses.

Where did they learn that from? Well, who else in EVE does that sort of thing on a routine basis?

Thesis: Drifters are the Sleeper equivalent of // (immune) response to capsuleers.

Food for thought?

It could happen, CCP is great at bending the Lore to accommodate new game content.

There’s already a Rogue Drone Cosmos Agent active in Gallente High Security Space - Algintal Constellation - Parchanier 6 Moon 5 - called Drone Mind. Course it’s actually allied with Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) but it’s still a Rogue Drone that’s been separated from it’s hive.

Anyway, Drifters and Rogue Drones could easily become allied with Pirate Factions while the Triglavians could be allied with Empire Factions due to their connection with the Jove.

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I my imagination the Rogue Drones exist in seperate colonies which are independent from each other. So yes, why not let some of them develop connections to other factions less concerned about ethics or laws.

I’m not enough into the Drifters lore to say anything about them but the Triglavians obviously don’t like them. “The enemy of the enemy is my friend.” So yes, I could imagine a Triglavian fleet emerging from the Abyss and clash with a Drifter invasion somewhere in empire space.
Could make a nice kind of incursion I guess. But maybe the Triglavians are no ones friend after all and it would become a battle of three fleets: An Emprie/Faction, Drifters and Triglavians. Who whould hire the capsuleers to aid them? Or would we just kill them all? :smiling_imp:

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