Triglavians a Jovian Spliter?

Did anyone else notice the word “Enclave” used in the translated description for the Drekavac Battlecruiser?

I already have questioned that Triglavians were related to the Jove, and one word in paragraph certainly doesn’t put much weight behind the idea, but “Enclave” is pretty specific Jove terminology.

I would suspect they are rather a branching off of one of the other dead civilizations. Maybe Yan Jung.

There a whole pile of pointers to them possibly being the Enheduanni. Enclave is one.

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There’s a whole lot of information & gleanings that might tie the Triglavians to a very old subfaction of the Jove, the Enheduanni - I put together a lot of notes in this thread: A Triglavian Theory: Derived from the Enheduanni - and there’s more yet to suggest they could be one & the same :slight_smile:


Enclave simply means that these clans seemed to occupy space within another country (typically larger and more powerful) - where these clans struggled somehow. They COULD be within Jove territory, it would be pretty likely actually. Superior technologically advanced group that doesn’t care about these primitive tribes; these primitive tribes take their advanced bioadaptive tech and weaponry and struggle to maintain their former way of living without being eradicated or assimilated into Jove.
Anyway, the only thing currently certain is that they are loosely based on Slavic mythology. And semi-certain that we will see other “ancient people” surface given “precursor” lists Triglavan as one option - there are bound to be others. I guess we will see something from Chinese mythology when CCP relaunches EVE there.

Its more than that, the easiest way to see it is to do what myself, Uriel and others have done; read Inheritance, Theodicy and Templar One, and make notes.

Much of it comes from Garious, who is given as an an unreliable narrator, and Tony G, but it does get corroborated.

Enclave is used, not in a general sense, but specifically, as a term for some Jovian settlements. I am guessing, but there is a lot of talk about preserving some form of ideal bloodlines. They do seem the kind of people to practice some kind of eugenics. So Enclave could refer to particular ‘elite’ groups within the larger population. That fits with the standard definition of the word.

The other term that comes up is clade, which means having a common direct ancestor, again harking to the bloodline theme. Cladistically speaking is used in Inheritance for example, almost like a cultural idiom.

In real terms we don’t have a lot to go on, and what we do have is hard to investigate in character. The Slavic connection is nice, and gave me stuff to read I had not really done before but it is an old Earth reference, and that is a myth. For most of the factions, forgotten around 14,500 years ago. and by the Jove in the time of the Shrouded Days, a few thousand years ago.

The Chinese reference is already in. Yan Jung is probably a transliteration of Yan Zheung. Yan is a really common common word in Chinese and Korean, maybe a hundred of more possible meanings. Zheung is a surname, but most likely refers to a Chinese province renowned as the province of the rich and powerful. In that context Yan Jung could mean Beautiful Zheung, but I couldn’t be sure. They might well have packed up shop and become the Jin-Mei.

The Triglavians are hard to nail down. There is the Oruze Osobnyak, a Sleeper site, which means Weapon Storage in Russian, that could be a link, and the Talocan sites are often mixed in with these. The other option, from those we know, are the Enheduanni. They are favourite due to quite a few pointers as Uriel has pointed out.


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