Triglavian ethos alternative

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Rogue Drones have made it into Abyssal Deadspace. Rogue Drones have infiltrated a temple in the Devil’s Dig Site in Okkelen Constellation. The Okkelen Constellation is home to the Kyonoke Pit.

I’d put forward that the Triglavian attempted to make a construct out of a single elemental strand and that their reason for proving in Abyssal Deadspace would be like roasting marshmallows.

Kind of like a Triglav = Lord Temporal /\ Sleeper = Lord Spiritual.

A Noema forms, some Triglav enter the Abyssal Deadspace where they are detached from reality, the deadspace pocket is normally formed in a mathematical distribution of prime-function locations next to the main elemental hive. Here the Triglavians endure the isolation of Abyssal Deadspace in order to forge an appendage that is attached to the elemental construct.

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I honestly did not understood what you tried to say ^^"

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