Triglaivian data stream interpretation

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Ok. So I’m no language expert. I just did some googling of root-word definitions, looking up alternative definitions of other words such as extirpation, Clade and so on. It appears that the triglavian race will use a mixture of russian and greek root-words, definitions and mythology references. 

In the first set of surveys ( AEA1-3 ) I’m going to assume that Ancient Enemy Azdaja is the drifters. Azdaja is a fairy tale dragon of slavic decent. The weapons that the drifters use could be viewed as similar to a dragon breath, etc. In the First survey, a group of Damaviks ( 3 tactical troika ) were working in a Sub-Clave ( clave is a territory so probably an abyssal deadspace pocket ) and came across a group of Drifters. They lost. In the second survey, the Convocation of Triglav outside of the struggle is probably referring to a council of triglavs that are not operating within the deadspace, but rather are controlling who does what. Generals of the battle, etc. They refer again to azdaja ancient enemy saying that their entosis ( invasion from greek roots ) is unacceptable and that all forms of tactical troika ( all triglavian ship types ) can be used without having to go through testing. Basically a red pen CTA. In the third, the leshaks ( troika 729 ) was sent in and destroyed the ancient enemy azdaja ships. They also refer to thee ancient enemies as anti-cladistic mortification which translates roughly to Embarrasing, shamefule ( moritification ) of a gene pool ( Cladistic is a classification of organisms ). The trigalvaians are racist… 

In the second set of triglavian surveys ( AFN1-3 ) it describes encounters with Augmented Foreign Narodnya which I will assume is a capsuleer. The first one is the initial encounter. The damaviks came across them, found no corruption of hivelinking ( no connection to rogue drones or sleepers ) and cladistic classification was attempted ( they attempted to classify the race ) with mortification ( embarrasment ). The records were sent to the council for review. Teh reports were revealed that the augmented foriegn narodnya accepted the aura field of the tracking pylons without corruption. Basically capsuleer ships are affected by the pylons but the pylons do not become corrupt. In the first set (AEA1-3) corruption was found when the pylons encountered drifters. In the third data stream, Leshaks encountered capsuleers again. This time, they were able to destroy the capsuleer ship and the pod was quickly extirpated or destroyed. The proving ( test ) was sent to the council for analysis. 

IN the third set ( DAV1-3 ) Deviant automata are encountered by ships of the trigalvian race. The first stream is the first encounter. The vila are then corrupted and the vila are then exterminated. The results are sent to the council for review ( convocation meaning assembly ). In the second stream, the council reviews the results of the deviant automata. They do not think that these are bad. In fact, it destroys corrupted ships. They immediately call for the dissemination ( spreading ) of these automata through the entire sub claves ( abyssal pockets ). In the third stream, the triglavians cannot come to an agreement on whether the deviant automata are good or bad. Two Groups have dissenting opinions and neither can be decided. It apppears Perun Clade is the ruler or ruling class of the triglavians. 

In the third set ( HFN1-3 ) it describes encounters with hivelinked narodnya. This could refer to either drifters or sleepers, i’m not sure. We have drifter “hives” we know, but there are also Sleeper hives. If hivelinked narodnya means drifters then ancient enemy azdaja is the sleepers or vice versa. I know this contradicts my first paragraph but I’ve thought about it while writing this. Anyways, onwards. In HFN1, the trigalvian ships of 27 Troika classification ( new ship? ) encountered a group of hivelinked ships. They were able to destroy them but it marked the first instance of an invasion ( entosis ) by this enemy. In HFN2, Damaviks ( 3 troika ) of the zembov subclade ( military unit, group, etc ) encountered this new hivelinked enemy. it appeared that thye lost. it then describes the invasion ( entosis ) of the hivelinked foreign narodnya into the body of one of the Zembog sub clade members bodies but it resulted in the corruption of the member. the councils reccommended that they burn (immolate) the body of the corrupted individual and it was done. Could this mean the triglavians are trying to acquire the new tech through merging? The last data stream HFN3 refers to the invasion ( entosis ) of an abyssal pocket and the corruption of the tracking pylons by the hivelinked enemy. The council sent in leshaks and the leshaks destroyed the hivelinked enemiy. 

Not many things very special.We knew they at war with drifters and sleepers and are having issues with rogue drone infestations.They know or have recollection of the sleepers from a much older moment in their history.
What I find interesting is they took a capsuleers body for analysis and had an incident where sleepers tried to reanimate a triglavian body as far as I can make out.

Because of all the references to “entosis” I decided to bring an entosis module into the abyss. I have attempted to use it on the bioadaptive cache, the gate, a tracking pylon and a drone ship. None of them have been affected. Has anyone else tried this? I have yet to try it directly on a Triglavian ship. That will be my next step.

Yeah darkezero tried early on. Pretty much on anything he could find, same, no result or this isnt possible messages. Entosis in the Triglavian sense is not the same as the device; they use it more as a generalised invasion term.
I can’t find any reference to the Drifters trying to animate a Triglavian body. HFN are Sleepers, their vessels are controlled by an infomorph, or at least part of one. Hivelinking is a more advanced form of infomorph communication than we use; Grious refers to it in Templar One. Drifters dont use it, they have a device that animates the body, then remote control it. In a Drifter fleet, of say Cassandra, one ship is directly controlled by the Cassandra infomorph, presumably sat in a Hive, and the rest are slaved off it. Kill that ship and the fleet AI breaks, until Cassandra takes charge of another. That’s exactly what happened with the Deathballs.

Wip but

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It still seems to me there must be an entosis link somewhere since it works on the Jove structures and there seems to be a link between the Triglavians and the Jove. I still feel that there is an observation platform in the abyss where they can observe the “trials” they put us through and there might be a way to link to it.

The information we have at present points to the Triglavians being a Jovian offshoot. More than likely the Enheduanni. There is a whole section in Templar One about the ‘fifth lobe’, a modification made to the structure of the brain developed by the Sleepers.
“With the state recorder and its complimentary anatomy, it was possible to enable full memory-only consciousness transfers without the overhead of transmitting massive volumes of state information, such as neuron configurations and firing sequences. It differed wildly from capsuleer technology, which relies on a huge, cluster-wide infrastructure of receiving and assimilation stations to support the cumbersome transfer of state data.”
The Enheduanni were the caretakers of the Sleepers, so they would have had access to the same kind of tech. It is different to Jovian technology and therefore unlikely to be compatible with the entosis link.
Their observation platform is there, scattered throughout the Abyss; “records drawn through the cladeflow from many cladepylons of the multibody tracking variant.” The data streams came from the caches, which would suggest that the caches, pylons and the gates themselves act as part of their network. Might explain the “conduit loop construct” terminology.

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