Triglavian Trinary Datastreams

Something happens when you align the faces of Triglavian Trinary Datastreams up to each other.

Not certain how it happened but the things must have come together when they were rolling around the in the cargo container. Several of them had had bonded together, after melting the container into the deck plating, and hovered in the air a meter off of the decking.

Upon coming closer it appeared to be a star chart aligned through the centers of each Datastream. Possibly New Eden systems or Triglavian systems.

Somehow the Datastreams interacted with the central computer Gilalodriedian VI after building her anew after almost making it out of a Tier V with 37 hull…almost though didn’'t count.

Everything that is alive stores itself in some fashion as recordable DNA that is then passed on to the next generation, changing the original focal point by minute algorithms. Algorithms that have a starting point much the same that a computer program would have a first letter and first line. We are not robots but if you look at the Big Bang as a blank screen and the computer as the storage facility doesn’t the relationship appear to be the same where an input is generated and then a X or undetermined but determined output is achieved?

An X undetermined determined output is an output where the result of life both sentient and beast is determined to be the output but it is undetermined how the shape, color, size, and gender of both the sentient and beast life will be based on the undetermined environment into with the sentient and beast life along with microbial life is inserted too.

Excuse me, sir, but this post is a bit difficult to understand. Whatever you tried to say… I don’t think you said it.

I didn’t say it, the Datastream did.

I built a new Kikimora today and named her Sentient Interceder.

Within a few moments of naming her I began having visions of a rebel sec within the Triglavian Clade’s that has been fighting against the other three Clade’s. The unnamed Clade are separatists or rather pacifists by heart who just want to explore the Universe and and catalogue their findings in many great books.

They basically use the same Triglavian ships that were are fighting against in the Invasion but so far have decided to stay out of the fight, fearful of being crushed to the last member by all sides.

Where they frequent is uncertain, maybe outside of the safety of the Abyssal sites developing their own filaments and technology to pursue their dreams of exploration.

I also had a vision of a tactic to fight Triglavian’s. How well it work is not certain but must be tried.

You will need:

9 heavily tanked combat ships of BC size.
6 remote reppers
5 long range snipers with excellent scan res, tracking and falloff.
3 Micro Warp Jump Mobiles anchored 100km in a triangle shape from each other.

Each MWJ Mobile would have 3 BC orbiting it constantly.
The snipers and repper ships would be anchored in the middle of the triangle
When one of the Mobile BC group is attacked it would use the Micro Warp Mobile to jump to the next depot in sequence. A ship from the second mobile would jump to the third one and one from the third one would jump to the first one.

Since the small fleets do not scramble they would lock up the next ship at the Mobile as the one being attacked warped away and a fresh one warped to replace the exiting ship.

The snipers in the middle would provide long range fire on the Triglavian’s while the Triglavian computers frustrated with locking up new ships and chasing the one it had recently locked to the next depot would become easy targets.

This tactic can be tried in between stations or established at any asteroid belt. If at an asteroid belt the configuration should be built 100 km away from the asteroid belt to keep collisions from taking place. If the configuration is set up properly and theory is proven, the configuration should lure or pull all Triglavian ships to the configuration that are in system.

Below is an image:


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