Triglavian collective - known facts - UPDATE 21/08/120

(Umbre Fallenstar) #21

Is someone has more informations on the TC ?
@Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci or @Makoto_Priano maybe? You are always at the first in line when it come to news :slight_smile:

(Diana Kim) #22

“Reopen”? Ahahaha, are you one of these Sisters of Eve? Or maybe one of these “Earth”-believers? Do you wear a tinfoil hat at home?

It’s just a luminous gravitational anomaly, with quite a powerful destructive power, ripping with its gravitation waves through everything that approaches near. I am just a soldier, not a professional astronomer, I don’t know how to classify it better… just imagine a fast changing pulsar or magnetar - hypercompact variable stellar object, now change its variable effect to gravity, and you’ll get what you call Eve Gate. I don’t believe in fairytales and “reopening” it sounds the same as trying to “reopen”, say, a Luminaire sun, for example. But if we can gather enough energy, we probably could use gravitation to propel it, for example, to your home for you to try to “reopen” it. (HINT: you’ll just die)

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #23

That’s fairly obvious given the numerous reports of a very large ancient gate at that location.

By all accounts the gate is still open, and that’s where the EM storms originate. My theory would be that it isn’t the EvE gate that collapsed at all, but rather the corresponding gate at the other end is open still. That is where some cataclysmic event has occured which is now bleeding through the EvE gate.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #24

Pilots, please, keep on topic !

Thos is not a full speculation thread, there is one active if you want.
Here i try to aggregate all known fact about the TC.
Thanks in advance

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #25

You’ve missed the information on the continuos beam weapon the Triglavians prefer. My bets are still on some kind of plasma lance,but more information is important for explorers.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #26

(OOC: i didn’t “missed it” but since it’s not in the concord guy speech, I’m not sure it was IC, otherwise report would have been MUCH more longer ^^
If anyone has information about if it WAS in character, let me know )

(Thomas en Gravonere) #27

I feel the need to rectify this statement, since the person speaking has little knowledge regarding power supplies on ships.

Nuclear reactors are perfect for skirmishing ships operating on long sorties or where the consistency of supply lines cannot be guaranteed. Their nominal power output remains competitive in today’s world.

In short: the Matari are not some backward savages using an outdated reactor design. They are, in fact, a bunch of geniuses with fine-tuned power supplies that are tailored to their needs.

In the line-up, it’s mostly the Graviton reactor that falls short on efficiency - placing, usually, below the “ancient” fusion reactor, and often on par with the “ridiculous” fission.

(Nico Boru) #28

Plot twist, the joves, sleepers, drifters and tc’s are all the factions of eve who have “slow boated” from earth to here and the advancements they made that made them what they are came from not having stargates and we capsuleers and regular mortal human meatbags are the byproducts of not doing similar research as the transhumans because the stargates put us on a different advancement path.

(Diana Kim) #29

It is amusing to see an incompetent in physics speaker trying to defend inefficient solutions. When one needs pure power disregarding safety issues, they pick Antimatter generators. Their efficiency is unprecedented.

Graviton reactors, in fact, aren’t really worse by power production than fusion, but they are times more safe and reliable. The only “downside” of these reactors is extensive physical and mathematical competence required for their construction and servicing. It’s not simple “cooling rods in, cooling rods out” that Minmatar engineers are used to. Go ahead, ask a typical minmatar engineer to solve a differential equation with a metric tensor to tune in graviton reactor! Amount of ‘pleasant’ words in your directions will be amusing. Maybe you’ll even get hit with a wrench or something heavier. And in the State even school students or simple soldiers like me will do such task with ease.

So, don’t try your crap with me. It’s pretty obvious that both fission and fusion reactors are out of commission for good, comparing both efficiency and reliability. It is ancient technology which usage in modern time cannot be explained by anything except incompetence of those, who use that.

But go ahead, bask in your radiation if you like it so much just not to get your nose into math, maybe that will prevent you from having children. Because, you know, you can’t really shut down fission reactor completely - you can only “cool” it down by absorbing neutrons and stopping chain reaction. But fission still happens. And if you think you can “stop” radiation by stopping fusion reaction - well, you can’t. Because in the chamber will be so high induced radiation that entering there (for whatever service-related reason) will make you glow like a 10 June garland.

So, please, next time don’t push your incompetence to my face and go enjoy your ignorance alone. I am getting sick of it. Thanks in advance.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #30

know that I indent to keep the subject on topic, therefore I will flag everything that is off topic, if you want to argue over, you can start a dedicated thread instead of doing it here.

(Thomas en Gravonere) #31

First of all, I’d like to add, that the first engineers in line that I’ll ask to tend to any reactors in my service will be of the Sebiestor tribe. They tend to be unusually competent, and not just with duct tape. Matar produces well-educated students, capable of good thinking and reacting excellently in times of crisis.

Alas, for the second point, I am but a humble shipwright who has access to naught by performance tests that show that, on average, a cruiser of Caldari design, bearing a Graviton reactor, can be expected to put down approx. 619 MW BP (before pilot, for those wondering) whereas a Fusion-powered Gallente design comes out at average 676 MW. Nuclear reactors usually place around the middle of that.

I will not mention the battleships due to the anomaly that is the Maelstrom, which puts on the line about as much as an Abaddon. That I consider a feat.

As for this being on and off topic, as the rather militant OP has noticed, the discussion about power supplies is absolutely valid. Pardon my ancient, but that sort of power generation was the domain of the Talocan as well, wasn’t it? Kind of also how the State got started on the tech early, although their examples of it don’t come close to theory.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #32

I managed to actually talk to the concord representative that made the presentation.

I modified the original post to reflect this.
Apparently the scope will give more information next weeks.

I will update the post accordingly !

(Jaret Victorian) #33

@Umbre_Fallenstar Makoto Priano and Uriel Anteovnuecci are still at the SOCT consulate planetside, but we appreciate you taking the initiative and sorting this information.

Interesting though, I believe CONCORD percieves TC as a threat, but we didn’t have a confirmed contact with their representatives. No news from SOE inquiry about the crew of the ship that was found too. One would think that they’d follow “an enemy of my enemy” way, seeing how they are in conflict with Drifters, but it seems that things aren’t as simple as we’d like.

Quite an informative briefing from CONCORD anyway, it’s a nice change.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #34

Thanks for the message, I tagged them because it’s the only two I could think of at the moment ( i’m still trying to know everyone ^^’ ) I met Mr Anteovnuecci and miss Priano on the planet.
The concord representative was not presenting the TC as an “Actual” threat but more of a potential one and stated at least two time that they wanted us to “explore” this new spaces.

While I agree that it could only be a “polite way” to tell us to go shoot them, i do believe that they think of a possible way to negociate.

To be placed on the “theory” field is the fact that concord could have found the ship empty and void of life. It based on multiple elements:
First concord claimed to have “recovered” the ship, and while i agree it could also mean that they fought for the control of the ship it seem unlikely given the fact that even drifter seems to have difficulties against them. Moreover, if concord was stealing ship from the TC they would have presented them as ennemies from the start, precisely to avoid “let’s try talk to them” on our part when they actually asked us to “explore” and said that they were “potential” threat.

But if this theory is true it would bring more questions than answers.
Where, when and how the ship was found? Was it in k-space? In those abyssal deadspace? Was it empty? Was there actually living person in there? It is compatible with capsule tech?

Ona side note, if people actually interested in the TC could help me clean the thread by tagging as “off topic” the appropriate posts it would be great !

Anyway I hope that the scope video will tell us more!

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #35

Excuse me, but that was uncalled-for.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #36

Re: other inquiries offline, let me state this:

SoE Roughriders is an independent humanitarian organization affiliated with the Sisters of Eve.

I, as the CEO, or my officers, do not have routine access to classified information of Project Discovery or other SOE projects. The Sisters are very interested in keeping and releasing data in such a way that it does not threaten the balance of forces in the cluster and potentially provoke a major-scale humanitarian crisis. For some reason, I am not (at least not yet) entirely trusted by the organization to be unbiased in such matters of international politics.

If I did have such access, the chances I’d share it as a response to a private inquiry from outside of the organization would, of course, be rather small.

I believe there will be further releases on technological and other implications of this coming very soon, but I will have to wait for them just like the rest of the capsuleer community.

(Akrasjel Lanate) #37

CONCORD has that ship now, anything indicating they have access to to capsule technology or something similar ?

(Umbre Fallenstar) #38

The only hint could be that the ship had a concord’s capsuleer inside. Otherwise no, we know nothing.

(Arrendis) #39

Just ignore her.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #40

My linguistic analysis was incomplete.
In the amarrian sacred language we can also find a possible translation
Tri (three) glavius (sword)