Ancient Tech - Specifically Talocan and Triglavian

Again, more odd thoughts as I sit in limbo. I was musing on the ancient power sources. The Talocan, and presumably other races used advanced technology, more advanced than Jovian, and certainly more advanced than we ourselves possess. From the Jamyl superweapon we know at least some of this relied on Isogen-5 and it would seem that the Orbital Lattice did as well. The whole Caroline’s Star and Seyllin Incident effectively removed a lot of that from play, and to be honest, we don’t really know how much of it there was before.
If it was the lynchpin of Talocan technology then they probably had serious issues and looked for alternate sources of power. Its one of the big drives for any civilisation.
Time for a huge ‘what if?’ What if the Talocan built the first PEGs? The kind of tech involved would be right up their alley, some form of spatial manipulation within the matrix of the PEG. That would make sense, and more so if we consider the Drifter Elements, which might well be some kind of step up from a PEG. If that makes sense then the logical extension is the Triglavian Singularity.
These might well be inferior to devices powered by Isogen-5 but that really does appear to be missing from New Eden, in any kind of quatity. The Triglavian scanns make mention of ‘Profound Matter’, could that be what they are talking about? In which case what kind of technology could they deploy if they find a good source of it?


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