Triglavians and pods

So we’ll be flying these soon, and I had a thought about this. Are these crewed normally, or are the Trigs pod-pilots as well? If the latter, why is all ship technology leading us in the direction of pods? We can’t fly Drifter ships, but it seems like they are pod-people as well. Were the Talocans eggers? How about the Yan Jung? I don’t know if I’m expressing my thoughts correctly, so I apologize for that. What is it about pods that made the ancients want to use them, and, based on Veniel’s comments in Inheritance, what made the Jove so anxious to give us that technology and encourage its use? Is it just a simple answer of convenience?

EDIT: Different question, but we can talk about this here as well. The Abyssal DS pockets will be accessible from wormholes, right? So that would mean either 1. The Trigs found Anoikis and made the DS pockets there, or 2. Abyssal space is a separate region altogether, like Anoikis is to K-space, and the filaments are teleporting us to another region instead of just hidden pockets inside known systems. Any thoughts on that?


The most likely answer; Lore gives way or is bent around for game mechanics.

But in-universe it does make some sense for entities that do not have large populations, like the Jove, probably Drifters and also the Triglavians. It has been explained as making ship control more efficient by eliminating middle men. Command crew, depending on the size of a ship would include at least a helmsman, gunnery control, engineering control, targeting systems controller and so on and so on. So instead of a centerpiece captain barking orders to 5-10 people (or more), a single person makes and controls all these decisions.

So, when you also have considerably more advanced ships with more automation of menial, non-specialist related tasks, you can field more ships with less strain on population numbers needed to run these ships - this was ideal for the dying Jove, for example. Yoiul mentioned in the Inheritance, a cruiser sized vessel, apparently didn’t need more crew than the capsuleer pilot for its trip to Jove space, on the account of the more advanced systems of the Jove ships. That is my conjecture, not specifically said in the chronicle, but since the Jove were in decline and almost extinct at that point, I think it is a fair assumption.

As for the final part, why the Jove wanted us to take up the pod technology - it has for a pretty long time been suspected that their intentions were not benign or altruistic. Ranging from trying to find a cure for their Jovian disease to Mass Effect like “guided technological evolution” theories. From the Sine Wave: Omega -chronicle, possibly even trying to introduce an unpredictable variable into whatever game these mysterious entities hinted at in them are playing with New Eden’s citizens.

Anyway, my 2c.

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Talocan, Yan Jung, and so on did not have pods. It’s mainly been a Jove invention passed on from them (to New Eden, to the Drifters, etc). How the Triglavians got access to it, on the other hand (or if they did) is unclear.

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If it was said, I didn’t catch it, but are the Trigs confirmed to be eggers, or did we swipe their designs and modify them to use pods?

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No idea. I haven’t been keeping up with Triglavian details. I’m personally not a fan of all this alien mystery space opera stuff.

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To my knowledge whether they have pod technology or not has not been revealed.

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Chatted with DZ after the lore roundtable, and from what I remember they have a “different interface”, and the ships are in fact crewed instead of single-piloting, like capsuleer ships and drifters (who literally have one person per ship). They’re usable by us because, by nature, their tech is wildly adaptable & can be modified to use a capsule - we’ll probably see other reasons as well as we go on.


Thinking about it, I don’t think it was mentioned whether the CONCORD pilot was even in his pod, he may have volunteered to disembark and fly the Trig ship outside of the pod.


humm, the TC didn’t “made” the pockets, they are naturally formed, they are an anomaly called “gravitation maelstrom”, the opposite of “gravitation resonance” where WH forms

as for the joves, they made all actuals factions of new eden (almost “proved” in the mithra’s gate chronicle since the comet they talk about is the one that “guided” the first reclaiming of the amarr empire), the whole new eden is a social experiment.

Actually it’s pretty close of the “sword art online” plot, where a dying mad men create a balanced world and set himself as the head of the best organization.
the jove being the initiator of concord, directing it from afar (I’m talking for “before” the SoCT got the seat ).

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