Empire technology and the Talocan sites

i’ve been passing some time in Anoikis for a while and after finding my first Talocan derelict, i got something to think of.

both the Sleeper and Talocan sites have been explored and subsequently sacked for reverse engineering for years already. while at this point on history the Jovians and Sansha’s nation have been the only entities so far in modern EVE history to use wormhole projecting technology to connect in systems without the use of gates or any kind of beacon, it is evident that a good amount of time has passed and the bulk of parts that make up Tech III technology has grown exponentialy at the point that it should be feasible to study these remains and whatever information can be gotten from Anoikis all around the cluster.

shouldnt the empires at this point be able to reverse engineer wormhole technology already?

the last chronicles and the Drifter events dont say too much in terms of technological advancements on that part. however, it is still strange that no empire so far has tried to scoop a Talocan vessel or dismantle the few unactive structures for study.

only thing i could figure of this is that new stargate technology will be able to be developd from Talocan remains, unless an actualway to explore and colonize distant uncharted systems is found out of the same technology.

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I’m not a lore person, not really, but you could justify the lore reasons for the same gameplay reasons. The problem would not be the drive, but the sensors. If you were to aim your drive at a distant star and hit jump, where would you land? Inside the star? Randomly in the system? Based on game mechanics, random WH’s are spawn relative to proximity to gravitational sources. Again, not a lore person, but reverse engineering isn’t the answer to everything. Even in modern times, it can take years to reverse engineer something that is nearly identical to its competition, and even then it won’t be accurate.

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Jove and Sanshas do that, using generated wh (some might explain better than me). Subject is discussed in the chronicle Inheritance.
So I agree, Empires could be able at least to be close to generate their own wh/gates, with the help of SoCT (SoCt).
They’ll probably succeed soon (or not :grin:) when they’ll introduce those gates made by players :stuck_out_tongue: (Just dreaming of it to be real one day).


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