Question about Echelon

Hi, I’m a new alpha clone trying to do exploration in Wormholes. I’m flying a scanning Heron frig and, considering I can only fit tech 1 analyzers, my virus is pretty weak: even with maxed out skills (for an alpha, which means Archeology and Hacking at 3) I have only 25 strength and 70 virus coherence.

I’ve seen that there is a special edition frigate, the Echelon, that is a really strong hacking ship, but can fit only a module that looks like a data analyzer. This makes me think it can only hack data sites, but I haven’t found anywhere someone stating this expressively.

So I am bringing this to the forum: does anyone know whether the echelon can hack relic sites?

Thank you in advance.

It can only fit the special Purloined Data Analyzer and nothing else.

Ok, so it can only scan data sites. Dammit :frowning:

Considering I’m never too far away from a station, it could still be worth it to whip it out for data sites, but it probably won’t be that big of a deal.

Anyway, thanks for the answer!

If you only scan in a specific, small area and want to run data sites, the Echelon can be a great asset. I would not travel very far with this ship in dangerous space, though, because it cannot fit any defenses at all.

Well, my plan as of now was to get into wormholes, make sure they are empty, and then hack sites. So if I scan with a t1 frigate first, I should be able to see if there is someone around. I could also hack the easier cans with the frig, to see if I get ganked.

Even if the Echelon might not be a gamechanger, it should be making me a few millions more per data site, which would be worth it.

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The Echelon is a gift from CCP many years ago. The supply of them is very limited. You should stick to the Heron. Echelon isn’t worth the extra price.


You can never really be sure a WH is empty…cloak bastards like me will sit in them and wait for guys like you to come run sites…

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I haven’t met a camper yet.

Considering where I am very few people run sites, it might be a loooong wait before someone shows up… my theory is that whoever tries to camp, at some point gives up and hacks the sites himself.

I’d also feel sorry for the camper: considering I never get in a site without unloading my loot, killing me would net him 100-200k ISK, which would definetely not be worth their time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody is going to kill you for the liit. They will kill you for being in the system. Most wormholers will kill anything they can catch, even a rookie. It you were to fly the Echelon, your chances of dying go up 100%

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Kill mark is a kill mark…they all look good on my ships…be it a venture/Imicus or the very rare special edition ship. Also just because it doesn’t appear that anyone is there doesn’t mean anything. I have sat semi afk in sites for hours then left and never hacked anything cause I was in a PvP ship. Also sit on WH entrances so its easy to see whats coming and going. There is no safety in spooky space…better get that align sub 2sec and be very actively paying attention even while hacking.

I see what you mean. But just to understand wormholers, wouldn’t they try to kill me the moment they see me in my Heron? That would make me know here is someone in the WH

Catching someone on a highsec-wormhole is a PITA, especially if they know what they are doing. It’s much easier to catch someone mid-hack.

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Ah, I see, that makes sense. Considering I can only use it for data sites, I guess it won’t be worth it.

Anyway, why catching people in a highsec wormhole is hard? would it be harder than one linked to lowsec or nullsec?

It’s hard because if you get attacked and within jump-range, you can just jump out to safety. With null and low you can be chased, but catching a frigate can be tough.

Ah, ok, that makes sense, especially if my align time is too slow.

I could try to start by hacking the easier cans in a ship I don’t care to lose to see if someone shows up. But again, it’s probably not really worth it.

Just how well do you know how wormholes work? You are aware that you don’t show up in local unless you talk in it? You do know that cloaked ships do not show in D-scan or in conbat probes?

I know, I’m trying to understand what a ganker would do. Assuming he has already scanned everything and is waiting for me cloacked at the site, would he attack me the moment I start opening cans? Or would he wait until I finish?

Anyway, as of now I haven’t been ganked in wormhole sites yet. Maybe it’s because the region I’m entering them from is not highly populated, but I really don’t know if it was just luck or there was a reason. I also tend to get out as soon as I see any ship or probe popping up on D-Scan.

Wait until you have done most the work then kill you, pod you and enjoy the spoils of your efforts.

Great. So now when I hack I also have to fear looking like an idiot in front of a potential ganker if I blow up too many cans. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, that’s the scenario that makes me believe I won’t be flying an Echelon. I have yet to be blown up on site, but then again one of the reasons I’m not that scared is that the ship I fly is expendable.

You are doing it right!!

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