Alpha through the Wormhole: Cloaks make you lazy xD

Since I started playing some Alphas to make newbro guide videos I am told a lot in the NPC and help chats that you ‘can’t’ take an alpha into wormholes because without a cloak you have no chance.

This is really not the case at all. One of the alpha’s has made about 1.5bil in wh’s and lost one heron missing a ghost site hack. There are simple ways to keep yourself safer, from not going into wh from high sec to using your Dscan effectively. No one is cloaked when they are on a site hacking and that is when you are most vulnerable anyway xD

And if you do lose a ship, it’s 1-2 mil lost, whilst one relic site may give you well over 100 mil, so why not give it a go?

Basic Exploration Guide

Alpha Through the Wormhole. inc mobile depot, implants and murder

Alpha Through The Wormhole: Heron finds the easiest hack ever, and 130 mil


Thanks. After all the idiot posts on the main cloaky thread, this comes as a breath of fresh air :clap:



The thing about eve and real LIFE is that you dont wanna Stay in your one room appartement with 9m2 space, unless you have too.

Gonna give your videos a watch and try it. Exploration is something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time.

Of course I’d try to tune my ships / fit to be able to kill another fellow explorer! :japanese_ogre:

Good on you man.

Having no cloak does mean you are more visible so certainly can become a target of opportunity easier… But wierdly I’d feel safer hacking in a WH with nothing on d scan than in low/nullsec with one person in local and nothing on d-scan.

There is a difference between making a couple of safes warping around them and keeping an eye out for probes… and warping to a celestial at a 100 and sitting there without even moving scanning & not paying attention to d-scan and overview.

I d-scanned this guy to a planet. Warped in at 0 and had to MWD 100km to him in order to kill him. All he had to do was to look at the overview and warp off lol… He didint.

Yep its best using a T1 ship with no cloak. You can put one together for like 1 mill. The reason why that is there are just to many T3C hunting in WH to bring anything more expensive cause you will die here and there. Since your only flying a T1 the risk vs reward is pretty nice. You can easily make 100mil with a 1 mill frig every trip. While if you use a covert ops with t2 stuff or named stuff not only will you lose it the profit is much less and you run the risk of losing more than you make.

Also a lesson I’ve learned after being killed twice, if the wormhole has players living in it like a player run station its best to just move on to another wormhole. They will start looking for you the moment they see your probes on D-Scan. They also have the place maped out and will easily find you without combat probes. Which means you will not know they are there till they kill you while you are hacking. Most use T3C’s so you will never see them on D-Scan too. If you see floating bodies on your overview when you warp in on any site warp out right away means there are players living there and that relic/data site is a pvp trap for explorers. They are most likely cloak on the site and waiting till you start hacking to kill you. Easy to kill you when you cant see them uncloak and cant warp away before they scam you. Common sense there. If you do see combat probes then best exit out fast as possible and find another worm hole from the last one you came from.

Also just stick to relic sites those bring in the most isk. Make sure you always bookmark the wormhole you entered in, then make a safe spot right after in a random place that would require them to use a combat probe to find you. Also never go in with implants since there is a chance of you getting stuck in one and you will have to self destruct to get out.

There are video’s on youtube guiding new player’s who use alphas on how to explore once you make a character.

Later once you have allot of experience in WH and you dont really die anymore then use a covert ops if you want with T2 stuff.


I think you just summarised the narration in one of my Alpha exploration vids :slight_smile:

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